Pokémon GO: caught more than 11,000 monsters per day


The motto of the Pokémon series is “we have to catch it”, and sometimes we find players who take it very seriously and at questionable levels. One of these cases, for example, is that of trainer Tarotirota, who took advantage of the Community Day last weekend in Pokémon GO to capture 11,400 creatures in 24 hours.

As posted on his Twitter (translated by several websites), he covered more than 130 kilometers and got 139 brilliant creatures, which have a low percentage of encounter. If we make an average by adding the total of monsters obtained and considering the event time (Community Day lasts six hours and increases the number of the same creature on the map, as well as the effect of Incense), 475 creatures were captured per hour and eight per minute.

In the end, perhaps his greatest difficulty was managing the stockpile of pokéballs and the total number of pokémons stored (which is still very low close to the total he captured) – and also imagining that he must have done all of this by car and using the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, especially considering the global scenario caused by the pandemic.


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