Pokemon GO: Bug Research Tasks and Rewards


The Pokemon GO Bug Out event will be held from Wednesday, August 10, at 10:00 local time, until Tuesday, August 16, at 20:00 local time. During this period, players can work on exclusive field research tasks, and there are twelve in total. For those fans who would like to learn more about these challenges and the rewards associated with them, complete information about Pokemon GO bug fieldwork can be found in this guide.

Before delving into the specifics of Bug Out field research, a few words about exactly how to get field research tasks in Pokemon GO may be useful. Simply put, players can earn these tasks by rotating photo discs on the pokestops closest to them. Thus, players interested in receiving some of the awards from the list below should find time to visit pokestops during the event.

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Pokemon GO: Bug-finding tasks and rewards

Rewards for the task To Catch 5 Pokemon Caterpillar Encounter, Weedle Encounter To Catch 10 Pokemon Venipede Encounter, Dewpider Encounter, Wimpod Encounter To Catch 15 Pokemon Burmy (Plant) Encounter, Burmy (Sandy) Encounter, Burmy (Thrash) Encounter To Catch 10 Bug-type Pokemon Volbeat Encounter, Meeting with the Illuminati Use 10 berries to help catch Pokemon. , Meeting with Dwebble Make 2 great throws Meeting with Nincada Take pictures of 3 different Pokemon insects that you caught Meeting with Ledyba, Meeting with Spinarak, Meeting with Yanma Exchange Pokemon Meeting with Karrablast, Meeting with Shelmet

When players look through this list, they may notice that special attention is paid to making good, excellent and excellent shots. This works very well with some event bonuses that give extra XP and candy when Pokemon are caught using these types of throws. There is also an increased chance to earn Candy XL for catching Pokemon with Nice, Great and Excellent Throws during the POGO’s Bug Out event, provided the player is above level 30.

As for the rewards that players can get by participating in this exclusive field study, it’s not surprising that they are all related to Pokemon insects. Notably, most of these Pokemon can appear as Shinies, with the exception of Sewaddle, Silcoon, Cascoon, Dewpider, Wimpod and Grubbin. It’s also worth noting that Grubbin is making its debut as part of the Bug Out event, and Pokemon GO fans may be happy to know that they can earn this Pokemon through field research.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices.


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