Pokémon GO: Bug Out Guide to Temporary Events


Pokémon GO is re-releasing a limited-time event dedicated to bug types, “Bug Out!” with many new raid battles, an increased number of insect encounters and special rewards for field research. It is noteworthy that the Grubbin larva Pokemon and its evolutions, Charjabag and Vikavolt, will make their debut in Pokémon GO. In addition, a global buff will be available, increasing XP by 2 times for catching when performing a good, excellent or excellent throw. Simultaneously with many other August events in Pokémon GO, “Bug Out!” will begin on Wednesday, August 10, at 10:00 and will last until Tuesday, August 16, at 20:00 local time.

Grabbin from the Alola region will make his first appearance in Pokémon GO during this event. He can turn into a Charjabug if he is given 25 Grubbin candies, and turn back into a Vikavolt if he is given 100 Grubbin candies next to the active magnetic bait module. Although the Grabbin is a pure beetle type, it gets an electric type when it turns into a Charjabag and a Vikavolt. In addition to Joltik and Galvantula, this is the only evolutionary line that has this type of combination. At the moment, neither Joltik nor Grubbin can be found to be as brilliant. Joltik and Galvantula in Pokémon GO are also available during the Attention Hour at the end of the event, on August 16.

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During the event, new raid battles of all kinds will appear, with some rare encounters and chances to capture the brilliant. In one-star raids, players can see Paras*, Pineko* and Yoltik. Venomot, Pinsir*, Forretress and Shackle* will return in three-star raids. A special five-star raid with Mythical Pokémon Genesect (Chill Drive) and Mega-Raid Scizor* will be the best challenge that players can find during the event.

“Mistake!” Meetings with Pokémon GO events
Wild encounters

As with all Pokémon GO events, a new crop of wild encounters will be increased during the event window, some of which will look like shiny ones.:

Caterpillar*Weedle*Ledyba*Spinarak*Pineco* (rare encounter)Yanma*Wurmple*SurskitKricketot*Skorupi* (rare encounter)Venipede*Karrablast*Shelmet*Dwebble* (rare encounter)JoltikGrubbinDewpider

These types of bugs are potentially a great addition when countering psychic type raids in Pokémon GO.

Field research

Event-based field research tasks will be distributed during the event, giving players the opportunity to meet any of the following Pokemon after completion.

Caterpillar*Weedle*Paras*Venonat*Ledyba*Spinarak*Yanma*Silcoon and CascoonNincada*Volbeat* and Illumise*KricketotBurmy* (all forms)Combee*SewaddleVenipede*Dwebble*Karrablast*Shelmet*GrubbinDewpiderWimpod

Raid Bonus Encounters for groups

Bonus encounters available after a raid as part of a group of three or more players will be available every day during the event. The bonus is only valid for 15 minutes and in the raid area, which means that it is limited to personal raids in Pokémon GO.

August 10: Wurmple*August 11: Caterpillar*August 12: Spinarak*August 13: Venipede*August 14: Kricketot*August 15: Weedle*August 16: Ledyba*

Pokemon marked with an asterisk (*) can be found as brilliant.

These meeting buffs will be useful when completing the collection challenge for this event. Upon completion, players will receive 15,000 XP and new Bug Catcher Pose cosmetics.


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