Pokemon GO: Bug Out Catch Challenge Time Trial Tasks and Rewards


Players who want to participate in the Pokemon GO Bug Out event can do so by working on a temporary study. This time study unfolds over three stages, and fans have until Tuesday, August 16, 20:00 local time to go through it all. For those players who would like to learn more about these steps, in this guide you can find a complete list of tasks and rewards presented in the Pokemon GO Bug Out Catch Challenge Timed Research.

It should be noted that PoGO also has a number of bug field research tasks that players must complete, and indeed, some of them overlap with the event-exclusive time study. As such, it is recommended that players spin PokeStops while they work on the bug-catching task to maximize their rewards.

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Pokemon GO: Bug Out Catch Challenge Time Tasks and Rewards
Step 1

Catch 25 Pokemon Insects (25x Poke Ball) Walk 2 km (meeting with Beedrill) Make 15 Good Throws (20x Great Ball) Make 10 Great Throws (10x Ultra Ball) Make 5 Curveball Throws (10x Pinap Berry) Use 10 Berries to Help Catch Pokemon (Combo)

Rewards for completing Stage 1: Meeting with Shadinya, 1x bait module, 2500 XP.

Step 2

Catch 25 Beetle-type Pokemon (25x Poke Ball) Hatch an Egg (3x Golden Razz Berry) Evolve 2 Bug type Pokemon (Encounter with Grubbin) Make 10 great Throws (20x Great Ball) Catch 10 different types of Beetle-type Pokemon (50x Beedrill Mega Energy) Take pictures of 5 different Wild beetle-type Pokemon (meeting with Venipede)

Rewards for completing Stage 2: Meeting with Pinsir, 1000x Stardust, Meeting with Venus.

Step 3

Reward for the requirement (meeting with the caterpillar) Requirement Reward (1000 XP) Requirement Reward (meeting with Wurmple) Requirement Reward (1000 XP) Requirement Reward (Meeting with Weedle) Requirement Reward (1000 XP)

Rewards for Completing Step 3: 50x Scizor Mega Energy, Scyther Encounter

The temporary Bug Out Catch Challenge study mainly consists of two types of tasks. The first type focuses on beetle-type Pokemon, and it should be fairly simple to execute. This is due to the fact that many Pokemon of the “bug” type will have an increased rate of appearance during the Pokemon GO Bug Out event, which makes them quite easy to find.

Another type of task instructs players to perform certain types of throws, and this goes well with the bonuses that are active during the event. In particular, these bonuses give extra XP and Candy for catching Pokemon with Nice, Great and Excellent Throws, encouraging players to be thoughtful when throwing their Poke Balls at PoGO.

As for the rewards that can be obtained during the Bug Out Catch Challenge temporary study, Pokemon encounters are perhaps the most exciting prizes. A meeting with a Grabbin, in particular, may attract the attention of players, since this Pokemon will make its debut during the event. The meeting with the Skeezer and the Scizor Mega Energy awarded at the end may also be of interest.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices.


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