Pokémon GO broke daily income record since 2016


The Niantic video game is going through a sublime moment and manages to accumulate more than 17.5 million dollars during the celebration of the Pokémon GO Fest.

Pokémon GO has recorded a new single-day revenue record since 2016 during the last Pokémon GO Fest held on July 24 and 25. The title of Niantic, which celebrated its fourth anniversary this month, reaped a total of $ 8.9 million in sales last Saturday, according to GamesIndustry, only surpassed by 13.3 million where the current ceiling is located; on July 29, 2016, world premiere.

Pokémon GO wastes health: $ 17.5 million in two days

That Pokémon GO Fest 2020 was going to be quite an event is no surprise. The title has been adapting to remote gaming since the COVID-19 pandemic began and exceptionally announced that this year’s GO Fest was not going to take place at planned venues, but entirely digitally.

This meant a global opening of access to this annual celebration to absolutely the entire community with the same content and tools as the rest (upon payment of $ 14.99 per ticket). The result? $ 17.5 million over the weekend; the most lucrative Pokémon GO Fest so far.

Since 2020 began, Pokémon GO has broken revenue records in the initial semester, as such a dollar amount had never been reached in the first six months of a year. In this case, $ 445 million through June 30, now expanded to $ 539 million.

The future of the game now goes through the incorporation of new mechanics, polishing details of quality of life and not forgetting to renew its content with temporary themed events (see the irruptions of Team GO Rocket or the incursions of legendary Pokémon on very specific dates ), new forms such as Megaevolutions or the eventual incorporations of the generations still pending to look out for Pokémon GO, such as the sixth, seventh and eighth.

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Meanwhile, August Community Day already has all its details on the table, while the competitive scene is already struggling in the Super Ball League for Season 3.


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