Pokémon GO Beyond announced, the big update


Niantic confirms the largest expansion in the history of Pokémon GO, which includes many new features to bring the game to life for years.

Niantic has unveiled the biggest update to Pokémon GO to date. The mobile device phenomenon, which is experiencing its best year in terms of income in 2020, will receive the GO Beyond expansion during the week of November 30, a series of additions and activities that will serve as an injection of life to a title not exactly lacking Health. Let’s take a look, because hours and hours of content are coming for 2021 and beyond.

Level 50: Pokémon GO players’ wish has been fulfilled

Since back in 2016, when Pokémon GO reached the lives of millions of players, the level cap (limit level) of the game had not been intervened, which was at level 40 (20,000,000 experience points). However, many users double or triple that number of points, which highlights the need to increase that Trainer rank.

From now on, Trainers who have reached level 40 can continue to grow to level 50; You can find out here more details about the added challenges and the new facilities to go up to level 40, which until now was much more laborious.

The seasons come to Pokémon GO

Until now, in Pokémon GO we had weather; From now on, Pokémon GO will have stations thanks to the GO Beyond update. Depending on whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, the world of Pokémon GO will reflect these changes every three months. That is, depending on the season, we can see different Pokémon in the wild, when hatching Eggs and in raids.

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Also, depending on the hemisphere, the season will be different, which will also affect events and seasonal Pokémon such as Deerling. As they explain, with each change of season we will also have modifications in the mega-evolved Pokémon of the Raids and there will be changes in the GO Fighting League.


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