Pokémon GO Begins Removing Bonuses Implemented In Pandemic


Pokémon GO: Developer Niantic announced this Monday (21) a pack of new features that will be implemented in future updates of Pokémon GO.

The most important ones involve the removal or maintenance of some bonuses that were added by the company in March 2020, during covid-19’s first pandemic-fighting measures. They brought features for trainers to play even without leaving home, such as items, events and capture possibilities without the need to travel around.

As some countries begin to gradually resume their routine with the advances in vaccination, certain regions will receive the news before others. New Zealand and the United States will be the first locations to feel the effects, with other locations being added over time.

What changes?

Starting in July 2021, the daily gifts of Pokémon selected as Buddy will be reduced, as will the effects of incense. The interaction with gyms and PokéStops, which had extended distance, will return to the old pattern that requires closer proximity to the location.

On the other hand, to encourage people to start leaving the house, spinning gym dials will give you two Raid passes a day, while PokéStops will secure more items than usual. The incense will get stronger if you’re on the move, and finally spinning a PokéStop dial for the first time will give you a 10x bonus experience.

Furthermore, some benefits will be maintained even when the pandemic ends. They include:

the duration of the incense (60 minutes);
the capacity of the gift bags (20 items);
the amount of gifts you can open per day (30 boxes);
the bonus for the first catch of the day (in stardust and experience);
the ability to participate in the GO Battle League without having to walk;
challenge any trainer using a QR Code or battle with contacts at the “Good Friends” level;

The changes take effect after the next Pokémon GO Fest in the aforementioned territories. For the time being, there is no forecast for changing these bonuses in Brazil.


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