Pokémon GO: all the evolutions by exchange


Know all the Pokémon that evolve when they are exchanged with a friend. From Kadabra to Machoke, Haunter and many more.

Pokémon GO incorporated evolution by exchange long ago, a function demanded by trainers and that provides more variety for the iOS and Android game when completing our Pokédex. This type of exchange is different from what we had normally seen in the main saga, but we have to understand that this title is not from the main series and, therefore, has certain concessions and changes that do not affect the canon.

How evolution by exchange works in Pokémon GO

The first thing we should know is how the evolution by Exchange works in Pokémon GO currently. Until now, in the Niantic title the species that originally evolved through exchange in the original games required the exhibition of an object or simply candy. Now that limitation disappears and we can make creatures pending reaching a new evolutionary phase materialize it if we make an exchange with a friend.

Now, what if we don’t have friends to exchange with? In that case, just use candy will suffice; normally 100 or 200, depending on the case, as we will see below.

Requirements to be able to evolve by exchange

The requirements to evolve by exchange in Pokémon GO are three: be level 10 or more; have at least one friend, who is the person with whom you are going to exchange creatures; be less than 100 meters away. That is, it does not work with friends who are beyond our location. If you meet these requirements and have captured Pokémon that can evolve by trade, we continue.

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