Pokémon GO: all the dark Pokémon, how to catch


We go over the purification method for all Dark Pokémon, where they come from, and which ones are currently available for capture.

The arrival of the dark Pokémon was one of the great news and playable joys for the Pokémon GO community in 2019, and here they are. The title of Niantic, which lives a sweet moment and faces a year 2021 marked by the 25th anniversary of the saga, happens that February when Team GO Rocket returns with its Celebration Event; but accompanied by new dark Pokémon. Therefore, in this article we are going to review all the Pokémon of this type, infected by Team GO Rocket, wave by wave.

Find Team GO Rocket and catch dark Pokémon

For those of you who have questions about how to catch and purify dark Pokémon, in this article we explain how to do it in detail. In turn, we review how to find and fight Team Go Rocket. Once the fight starts, there is a trick to know which team the Team GO Rocket will have before fighting, so below we explain this trick. If we defeat them, we can face a dark Pokémon and capture it.

How to purify dark Pokémon

When we face a dark Pokémon we only have 5 Honor Balls to capture them. If we are lucky, to purify them we will have to invest several Candies of the budding species together with a cost of about 3,000 Stardust (or more). Also, a characteristic of the Dark Pokémon is that once they are purified they learn Frustration and raise their IVs by 2 (IV calculator here). Finally, purified Pokémon have their level cap increased to 25, and the cost of candy to boost or evolve them is decreased by 10%. Dark Pokémon Considerations:

They cannot learn Charged-type event moves.
They cannot be exchanged.
They cannot forget Frustration.
To purify a dark Pokémon we must go to the section of our Pokémon bag and pay the cost of Stardust or Candy necessary for each species; varies depending on the Pokémon. You have to touch Purify.

Legendary Pokémon: 20,000 Stardust and 20 Candies.
Other Pokémon: 1,000 / 3,000 / 5,000 Essel Dust and 1/3/5 Candy.


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