Pokémon GO | All Raid Bosses: Mega Evolutions


We know the raid boss rotation at levels 1, 3 and 5 for this week of October, marked by the presence of Giratina Origin Form.

Pokémon GO has settled on applying weekly rotations to the game’s raid bosses. The raids, one of the star modes of the title of iOS and Android, this month receive new Legendaries on the occasion of all the available events; among others such as Halloween or the new investigation of Team GO Rocket to defeat Giovanni and free Dark Mewtwo. So let’s take a look at all the raid bosses for the October 12-18 cycle.

Raid Bosses October 12-18 in Pokémon GO

Let’s start with the dates. This autumn event, characterized by the presence of Pokémon of the Poison and Sinister types with greater assiduity in the raids compared to what we are used to, places us in a series of quite interesting creatures on the competitive plane. The periods go from this past October 12 to October 19 at 07:00 AM, when the next rotation will take place.

It should be noted that Absol, Nidoking and Crawdawnt are back in Level 3, three classics of this year; as well as Mawile, Garbodor and Weezing de Galar. In the section of Level 5 and Megaevolutions we have the already known sextet, with the trio of evolved initials of Kanto, Mega Pidgeot and Mega Houndoom. Finally, in legendary Giratina Forma Origen stands out. We leave with an asterisk (*) those Pokémon that we can find in a shiny / variocolor way.

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Level 1

Croagunk * [544 – 680 PC]
Klink * [546 – 683 PC]
Skorupi * [576-721 PC]
Pineco * [633-791 PC]
Timburr * [751 – 939 PC]
Alolan Grimer * [785 – 981 PC]
Sneasel * [1172 – 1465 PC]

Level 3

Mawile * [934-1167 PC]
Weezing of Galar [1310 – 1637 PC]
Garbodor [1339 – 1675 PC]
Crawdaunt [1413-1767 PC]
Absol * [1443 – 1805 PC]
Nidoking [1466 – 1833 PC]

Level 5 and Mega Raids

Mega Blastoise * [1409 – 1761 PC]
Mega Venusaur * [1554 – 1943 PC]
Mega Charizard X * [1651 – 2064 PC]
Mega Charizard Y * [1651 – 2064 PC]
Mega Pidgeot * [1216 – 1521 PC]
Mega Houndoom * [1505 – 1882 PC]
Giratina Origin Form * [2105 – 2631 PC]


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