Pokémon GO: all error codes and what they mean


We review all the error codes that we can find in the game and what the message that may appear on the screen means.

Pokémon GO is not exempt from errors, as it usually happens to practically all video games, so we are going to review here all the error codes that we can find updated to 2020. The title of iOS and Android requires always to be updated to the latest version if we want to prevent things from happening to us like the ones we will see below; although many times it will be a network error that does not depend on us.

We hope that this compilation of errors detected in Pokémon GO will help you clarify what may be happening and how to find a solution as soon as possible. We remind you that you can check all the latest news about the game every day in our news section. Team GO Rocket is back.

All Pokémon GO error codes [2020]

  • Code 2 – Error (does not depend on your phone)
  • Code 3 – An error has occurred. Please try again. (Error when buying PokéCoins; it is best to restart the app)
  • Code 4 – A new version of Pokémon GO is available. Do you want to update your version now? (There is a new update, mandatory to continue playing. Valid on iOS and Android)
  • Code 10 – There is no internet connection. (Your Wi-Fi connection may not be working properly or your 3G or 4G data connection may not be working properly. Look outside the app)
  • Code 11 – The GPS signal could not be found. (It is possible that the geolocation services of your mobile are not active)
  • Code 12 – The location could not be detected (You may have geolocation services active, but for some reason the place where you are is blocked by the game)
  • Code 14 – You are already using Incense. (Message that we will see on the screen if we have activated an Incense and we want to activate another)
  • Code 22 – Error (We usually see it when we try to give a Berry to a Pokémon that has escaped, although it continues to appear on the screen)
  • Code 23 – Error (It usually appears when we give more power to a Pokémon and the connection goes away at that time)
  • Code 24 – The PokéStop module could not be installed. (If we have used a Bait Module and try to activate another, this message will appear. It is similar to Code 14)
  • Code 25 – The Pokémon could not be found. (When we use Pokémon GO Plus and try to capture a Pokémon that has already caught the bracelet, we will see this message)
  • Code 26 – The object could not be used at this time. (Unknown cause, appears when trying to use items)
  • Code 28 – Could not change partner at this time. (Unknown cause, appears when we try to change our partner)
  • Code 29 – Gym combat has now been completed! (Message that we will see if we try to enter a Gym after having been victorious)
  • Code 30 – Error (We usually see it when trying to change Pokémon during a fight)
  • Code 31 – Error (When we try to host a free Gym – gray color – but in that time it has already been converted to another team’s color; perhaps because someone has overtaken us)
  • Code 32 – Error (Appears when we try to turn a PokéStop but our geolocation has changed, for whatever reason)
  • Code 33 – An error occurred while trying to start a raid. (Typical error when we try to start a Raid but the synchronization stops and we are left out. It is best to restart the app. Bad luck)
  • Code 36 – You cannot join the raid party. (Appears when trying to join a Raid party at the cutoff time. Although we may have made it on time, we really weren’t able to get in.)
  • Code 38 – The Pokémon has fled. (In the Nearby function, when we are looking for a Pokémon but, for different reasons, it has fled.)
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