Pokémon GO Again Allows Greater Distances for PokéStops


Niantic announced on Twitter that it will no longer be reversing the distance to interact with PokéStops and gyms in Pokémon GO. The change in decision was caused by huge pressure from fans, who were complaining that we are not yet in a safe enough situation with regard to the pandemic to get back out on the streets normally.

To help people be able to play better Pokémon GO without having to leave the house or walk so much on the street, Niantic had increased the interaction distance with the game’s special points to 80 meters, double the standard distance, which was 40 meters. Recently, the company decided that it was possible to return this configuration to normal, which was very badly received by players.

After a lot of pressure on social media, the developer of Pokémon GO announced that it was setting up a “task force” to analyze the best way to gradually get the game back to normal, respecting the safety of people in times of COVID-19. This initiative is expected to release the results of its surveys and the measures that will be taken on September 1st, but Niantic didn’t want to wait any longer before giving at least some good news to fans and, perhaps, stop “catching” a little in the social networks.

The change is valid globally, and Niantic concludes its second tweet on the subject promising to release more information next week.


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