Pokemon GO Adds More Ultra-Monsters


The release of Pokemon Alola in Pokemon GO during the year has already seen a lot of fan-favorite creatures presented from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The “Alola Season”, which lasted from March to the beginning of June, added popular Pokemon, such as the Alola starters and the Tapu Island Guardian Pokemon. The latest crossover of the popular mobile game with the Pokemon collectible card game also introduced the Pokemon Wimpod and Golisopod bug. Now Niantic and The Pokemon Company have officially unveiled a new trio of Ultra Beasts, which will appear in the game later this year.

After the introduction of Alola to Pokemon GO was completed earlier this month, many fans were looking forward to the appearance of mysterious interdimensional Ultra-monsters in the game. The launch of Niantic’s Pokemon GO Fest events in 2022 introduced the first member of Ultra Beasts, venomous Nikhilego, and others are expected to appear this year. Now Pokemon GO has officially announced the arrival of Pheromos, Bazzvole and Xurkitri during the personal events of Pokemon GO Fest.

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The official announcement from Niantic on Wednesday morning revealed that Pokemon GO will feature three new Ultra Beasts, each of which will be exclusive to a specific GO Fest location. Players attending the July 1 event in Berlin will be able to meet Pheromose, while Buzzwole will be an exclusive participant at the July 22 event in Seattle, and Xurkitree will be at the August 5 event in Sapporo. The announcement message also confirmed that three Ultra Beasts will later be available worldwide during the “Season of GO” event.

The introduction of Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO is also accompanied by a new item from the seventh generation of Pokemon, Beast Balls. Players attending face-to-face events will be able to get a limited number of Beast Balls with the help of a special study conducted throughout the festival. Pokemon GO Fest festivities at the venue will also include many small bonuses, such as a reduced egg hatching distance and an increase in the number of Team Rocket balloons spawning. Players will also be able to find Snorlax wearing a cowboy hat during events, as well as several Unown options.

While the introduction of Alola has mostly caught the attention of Pokemon GO throughout 2022, Niantic has continued to release many new Pokemon from the franchise’s past. Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022 earlier this month was marked by the appearance of fossil Pokemon Kalos, Amaura and Tyrunt. The beginning of Pokemon GO Fest 2022 also introduced the newest mythical Pokemon in the game — Shaimin from Gen 4. With the appearance of more Ultra Beasts and rumors of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet creatures joining the game, Pokemon GO seems to have an eventful second half of 2022 ahead.

Pokemon GO is now available for mobile devices.