Pokemon GO: A special research guide to finding a voice


There have always been strange Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise (especially from the 1st generation). Pokemon like Probass, Honedge, and Yamask are some of the weirdest (and possibly ugliest) of all Pokemon, but not all weird Pokemon are necessarily ugly. Vanillish and Spoink are unique in appearance, but remind fans of ice cream (Vanillish) and piglet (Spoink). Some legendary items are also classified as “strange”, but still have a nice appearance.

Meloetta is a legendary/mystical Pokemon, very similar to a humanoid singer, so some consider him strange. But Meloetta is a great choice for players who want to enter the competitive scene, as they can boast a decent special attack. Fortunately, Pokemon GO fans can catch Meloetta by completing a special research quest “In Search of Your Voice.”

In search of your Voice – Part 1

Take a picture of your buddy Catch 30 Normal Type Pokemon Evolve 15 Pokemon

The first set of goals is quite simple and can be completed by the player in a relatively short period of time. First, players must take a picture of their Pokemon buddy (trainers can do this by going to the Buddy menu and clicking the camera icon). To make this task ten times easier, players should disable augmented reality mode, as it does not always work properly.

The second goal includes the capture of 30 ordinary Pokemon, among which may be Ivy, Rattata, Sentret or Bunnelby. As for the ultimate goal, players must develop 15 Pokemon, preferably those that need only 25 candies, such as Zubat or Ivy. Rewards for completing Part 1: 1000 EXPERIENCE, 1000 Stardust and a meeting with Evie (a small chance that she will be brilliant).

In search of your voice – Part 2

Use 30 berries to help catch Pokemon Earn 5 candies with your buddy Give your buddy 3 treats

Players will need to use 30 berries to help catch the Pokemon and complete the first task of Part 2. Although it may seem like a lot, players can give a few berries to the Pokemon if it breaks out of the pokeball. Therefore, if a trainer gives a berry a pinup to a Pokemon and tries to catch it, but it breaks free, he can throw another berry at that Pokemon.

After completing this task, players must earn five candies by walking with their Pokemon buddy. Some Pokemon require only 2 km, while others (legendary) require 10 km, so it’s better to use Pokemon with the least km per candy. Finally, players must treat their Pokemon buddy with three treats (Berries or Poffin). Players will receive x1000 EXP, x1000 Stardust and a Slugma encounter.

In search of your Voice – Part 3

Win 3 battles in gyms Battles in 3 Raids Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts

Now it’s time to check out the Pokemon trainer, as all three goals involve fighting other Pokemon. Winning three gym battles can be difficult if the player lives in an area with high competition, but for the most part, players should avoid any gym with Metagross or Slaking, as they are among the best gym defenders.

Players should strive to join multi-player raids, as this will make the battle more manageable and the rewards even better. Team Rocket Grunts often appear during the day and usually have weak Pokemon, so defeating three of them should be an easy task. After completing the last task, players will receive x1000 EXP, x1000 Stardust and a meeting with Hariyama.

In search of your Voice – Part 4

Earn 20,000 Stardust Catch 30 Different Types of Pokemon Spin 3 Pokestops

The fourth part of the special research quest “In search of your Voice” seems difficult at first, but in fact it is quite easy to complete. First, players must earn 20,000 Stardust, which trainers can get in various ways (catching Pokemon, completing daily quests, Team Rocket Grunts, etc.). Players can also activate Star Pieces to double the amount of Stardust received for a short period of time.

Players can also complete a second task in a day or two, as Pokemon spawn changes throughout the day. But players should remember that trading or hatching Pokemon does not count towards 30. And the rotation of the three pokestops does not require additional explanations. Rewards for Part 4: x2000 EXP, x2000 Stardust, and finally, a meeting with Meloetta.

In search of your Voice – Part 5

Take a picture of Meloetta Make a new friend Send 3 gifts to friends

Players will complete Part 5 in no time, as the goals are among the easiest in the entire special study. Players must take a picture of Meloetta to complete the first task (don’t forget to disable augmented reality mode). Players will then need to add a friend to their friends list, which can be easily done by searching the internet for “Pokemon GO Friend Codes”.


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