Pokémon GO: A guide to the events of the 6th anniversary with limited time


From 10:00 on Wednesday, July 6, to 20:00 on Tuesday, July 12, players can take part in the event dedicated to the sixth anniversary of Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Go game was launched in the summer of 2016, and since then its popularity and scale have grown, including Pokemon from nine different regions of the Pokemon universe and holding events around the world to bring players together. To celebrate its sixth birthday, Pokémon Go is celebrating its sixth Pokemon: Charizard. To give Charizard and Pokemon has an unforgettable birthday, players can take advantage of several bonuses and some new features during the event window.

To participate, players need to log into the Pokémon Go app during the sixth anniversary celebration, from July 6 to 12. It starts at 10:00 local time and ends at 20:00 local time. In the Pokémon Go app, players can get several bonuses, catch new Party Hat forms of some of the most beloved Pokemon in the franchise, and find other rare and shiny Pokemon more often.

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Pokémon Go has a history of giving bonuses and dropping rare Pokemon on the anniversary, so players should take advantage of this until the end of the event window while they can.

Wild Pokemon and raids in the limited-time sixth anniversary event Pokémon Go

As Pokémon Go celebrates its sixth anniversary, the limited-time event will be dedicated to the sixth Pokémon Charizard, as well as many other Pokemon from different generations. There will be new avatars and stickers to send to friends, as well as bonuses for events, such as players will be able to find and catch the next Pokemon more often from July 6 to 12:

Party Hat Charizard * Party Hat Charmeleon * Party Hat Charmander – In addition, players can develop Party Hat Charmander and he will keep his limited-time Party Hat Pokémon in the process. Pikachu Cake Costume * Bulbasaurus * Squirtle * Machop * Ladyboy * Ralls * Buneary*Pansear*VenipedeChespinFennekinFroakieBunnelby*Litleo*PikipekGabiteClauncherHelioptile

Some of these asterisk-marked Pokemon are also more commonly seen in their shiny form in the wild during a limited-time event celebrating the sixth anniversary of Pokémon Go. In addition to the Pokemon Shiny and Party Hat, players can fight in the following raids:

Cake Costume Pikachu* – Raid with one star Raid on Dratini* – Raid with one Starunown E raid* – Raid with one Starpseag Raid* – Raid with one Starvenusaurus* – Raid with three star Party Party Charizard* – Raid with three Starblastoyz* – Raid with three stars raidTyranitar – three star raidMetagross – three star raidZapdos* – Five-star Charizard Raid X* – Pokémon Go Mega Raid; will appear only on July 6 and 7 Mega Charizard Y* – Mega Raid; will appear only from July 7 to 12

Pokémon Go players can also complete field research tasks that lead to meetings to catch all the starting Pokemon from various games. In many of these meetings there can also be brilliant Pokemon.

Bonuses of the Battle Weekend event in the limited-time event of the sixth anniversary of Pokémon Go

In addition to searching for new Pokemon in the wild and in raids, players can take part in Battle Weekend from Saturday, July 9, to Sunday, July 10. This weekend, players will be able to:

Enjoy 20 sets of GO Battle League every day, use Charged TM to help Pokemon Shadow forget about the disappointment of Charged Attack, Get Team GO rocket balls every two hours, Earn 5x Stardust from GO Battle League rewards, Enjoy 1 additional raid pass every day, earn 50% more experience in raid battles, Earn 2 Mysterious Components for defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts. Earn 50% more stardust for defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts. Meet legendary Pokemon in GO Battle League reward encounters at level 16 and above.

Players will also be able to learn more about Giovanni, the leader of the Rockets, and rescue Shadow Latias from Giovanni’s clutches.