Pokemon GO: A guide to the events of Psychic Spectacular 2022


Pokemon GO’s season of light continues, and for players who are looking for something to do this week in the game, there is an event dedicated to the Pokemon of the psychic type, which returns in 2022. The Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular 2022 event starts on Tuesday, September. 6, 10:00 local time and ends on September 12, 20:00 local time.

During these six days, Pokemon GO players will have the opportunity to fight Mega Alakazam in megareids for the first time. The legendary Pokemon from the 3rd generation, Deoxys, will also appear in the September 11 raids with an increased chance of becoming brilliant. All forms of Deoxys will appear in Five-Star Raids.

A guide to the events of Psychic Spectacular 2022

Mental type creations

Probably the best part of the Psychic Spectacular event is that a lot of psychic-type Pokemon will appear on the map more often. This can be useful, as some new special research tasks for the Cosmog’s “Space Companion” quest line require players to catch a lot of psychic types.

Here is a list of wild Pokemon that will appear more often (they can all be shiny, except for Gotita, Solosis, Kadabra and Kirlia).

Abra Slowpoke Drowzee Natu Ralts Spoink Munna Woobat Gothita Solosis Elgyem Kirlia Kadabra


Hatching 7-kilometer eggs during an event can give players a Smoochum, a Wynaut, or a Chingling. Unfortunately, Chingling can’t be Shiny.


During the Psychic Spectacular 2022 event, Pokemon GO players can find the following Pokemon in raid battles. Everyone has a chance to become a Shinee, except the Unknown and the Oranguru:

One-star Raids Unown E, Unown P, Unown, S, Espurr Three-Star Raids Alolan Raichu Wobbuffet Girafarig Oranguru Five-Star Raids All forms of Deoxys Mega Raids Mega Alakazam

It is worth noting that during the event, players who develop Kadabra will receive Alakazam, who knows the Charged Attacking Psyche. Any alakazam caught during the raid will also receive this reception. Using Psychic will reduce the defense of the opposing Pokemon and cause 90 damage units.

Field and temporary research tasks

While completing field research tasks, players can also meet Baltoy, Chimecho, Hypno and Elgiem. As for Timed Research, the tasks will revolve around Curveball throws and set up players to meet with Elgyem.

Again, thanks to a special Cosmic Companion study, players should take advantage of the abundance of psychic-type Pokemon roaming the world this week. We remind you that Psychic Spectacular ends on September 12.

Pokemon GO is available for mobile devices.


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