Pokemon GO: A Guide to Levels


When Pokemon GO first debuted in 2016, players around the world were amazed by its unique augmented reality mode, which allowed players to place Pokemon anywhere in the real world and take pictures of them. AR mode was one of the many features that transformed Pokemon GO from a simple mobile game into one of the most popular mobile games in gaming history (over 70,000,000 players per month). Another feature that distinguishes Pokemon GO from other Pokemon games is the trainer level.

The level of the trainer determines how strong the Pokemon can be, so players who want to compete in the GO League should give priority to raising the level of their coach. Although the first 40 coach levels are simple, starting from Coach level 41, players must complete certain tasks to advance to the next level. Players who want to speed up their progress prepare well for these levels by following the Pokemon GO levels guide.

Trainer Levels 1-15

The first 15 levels of the trainer require a total of 100,000 XP, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for players to level up fairly quickly by catching Pokemon, developing them or rotating Pokestops. Having reached the 5th level of the coach, players open up the opportunity to fight in gyms, which is a worthy way to earn additional experience.

At Coach level 8, players can fight with Team Rocket Grunts. However, players should refrain from fighting with them, as they can be difficult if the player does not have a strong enough Pokemon team. The table below shows the levels of the trainer from 1 to 15, indicating the required experience, rewards and unlocks.

Trainer Levels 16-30

Players can easily pass coach levels 16 to 22, as the experience required to level up is relatively small (435,000 experience in total). But once players reach Coach level 23 and above, they will notice a dramatic increase in experience requirements as it gradually increases to 350,000 at Coach level 30 (2,000,000 experience total).

At this stage, players must add as many friends as possible to achieve best friend status with them (this takes 90 days), as this rewards both players with 100,000 XP for each best friend. The table below shows the trainer levels from 16 to 30, indicating the required experience, rewards and unlocks.

Trainer Levels 31-40

At about this point, players will start to notice a serious slowdown in terms of leveling up, as most levels will require more than 1,000,000 XP. A level 40 trainer requires a whopping 5,000,000. This means that players must make full use of every source of XP that Pokemon GO has to offer. Mass evolution seems to be the most effective method of leveling up at these stages, especially with an active Lucky Egg.


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