Pokemon Fusion Fan Art unites Charizard and Groudon


The artistically talented Pokemon fan has been noticed online thanks to his impressive works, which show how Charizard and Groudon would look when fused together. The Pokemon fan community is undoubtedly one of the most artistically talented fandoms in pop culture, and Pokemon fan art is becoming an increasingly growing subgenre. The creative art style allows fans to imagine what the union of their favorite Pokemon will eventually look like, often creating fantastic images.

Groudon and especially Charizard are longtime favorites of the Pokemon franchise. Both creatures are similar to dinosaurs, prone to volcanic activity and have great strength and power. While both are often the subject of fan art, Charizard remains the highest level of appeal for official art, and Charizard’s Pokemon card with special delivery is currently being sold at ridiculous prices online.

The creative art of merging Charizard and Groudon comes from u/HoundoomKaboom, who posted the image in the Pokemon subreddit. The creative execution masterfully combines all the distinctive features of each individual Pokemon into a truly frightening hybrid. Basically preserving Charizard’s body profile, the fusion adds elongated versions of Groudon’s limbs along with his signature red and black color scheme. The wings seem larger to support probably more body weight, while the tail and neck are decorated with spikes, and fire bursts out of the back of the spine.

Charizard + Groudon (OC) of Pokemon

Made in the style of 2D pixel graphics, fan art resembles sprites used in old Pokemon video games. Fans reacted quickly to the article: in less than 24 hours, the post received hundreds of likes. Many comments on the post compare fusion with the Digimon Survive Guillemot, and one fan jokes that the art of fusion is one of the many higher forms of Digimon. The two creatures have a certain similarity, especially the claws and color scheme, which makes the comparison reasonable.

While it’s certainly an intimidating hybrid, it’s not the only intimidating Pokemon pixel art that fans have recently come up with. Another Pokemon fan on the same page released an incredible, but terrifying pixel graphics of Groudon with the same atmospheric setting. Taking similar creative liberties, the fan turned the Legendary Ground-type into a primitive version of himself without pupils, depicted rising from a lava pool in a cave. Both pixel art depict nightmarish versions of Pokemon and are indicative of an ever-growing trend in the Pokemon fan art community.


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