Pokemon Fan Uses Pokemon Cards to Take a Picture of Lugin


Pokemon fans love to draw various pocket monsters they love. Gamers created works to celebrate the creatures that won their hearts, creating various types of works for everyone’s pleasure. Pokemon are a huge source of inspiration for fan art, and a lot of pocket monsters stand out as muses.

One of these Pokemon is Lugia. The Psychic/Flying type was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver and featured in the anime. Lugia was also one of the stars of the second film in the series, Pokemon the Movie 2000. Now one fan has created a unique work of art dedicated to Lugia and the cards from the Pokemon KKI.

The redditor, known as mr-pennyroyal, posted an image of Lugia’s image, which they made from Pokemon cards. The outline of the pocket monster was made of Dark Type cards, and all the white parts were made up of Colorless Cards. The creature’s accents, such as its belly and the blue spikes sticking out of its eyes, were made up of Water-type cards. According to Mr. pennyroyal, it took them about an hour to make the product. They also stated that on their profile page you can find more images made from Pokemon cards, including Pikachu, Mutu and Zapdos.

Made a Lugia from Pokemon Cards from Pokemon

The work that Mr. pennyroyal did has gathered several fans. Many called the work impressive, and one commentator said that it would never have occurred to them to do something like this. One user thought the cards had been cut and said he almost had a mini-heart attack, to which mr-pennyroyal replied that he would never do that. Another artist said that they are making art similar to this, but with energy cards from the Pokemon KKI, and mentioned that they did not think about using colorless cards to create an empty space in the work. Lugia’s art is amazing and is a fun way to catch Pokemon.

Mr-pennyroyal is just one artist creating works based on Lugia. A Reddit user under the nickname lolCure posted an image of a rug made of Pokemon. The work depicts the head of a pocket monster, its beak and spikes around the eyes. The carpet also has a miniature wing extending from the back of the creature’s head. The mat is incredibly cute and perfect for anyone who is a fan of the legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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