Pokemon Fan Rethinks Kanto Starters and Their Evolution by Swapping Colors


Choosing a starter in a Pokemon game is a difficult task for players, causing controversy. This is especially true for the first generation of Pokemon, which have been discussed by fans for more than 20 years. In an effort to add a new angle to these conversations, one Pokemon fan demonstrated these Pokemon from the first generation by swapping their colors.

Bulbasaurus, Squirtle and Charmander have become iconic characters in the Pokemon franchise and have attracted their fans. Each of them is widely represented in the original series, as well as their evolution. Traditionally, these creatures have different colors corresponding to their types.

This fan-created creation is created by u/BeautifulDecent2633 and shows all three starters from the first generation, as well as their evolution in a new light. Starting with the Bulbasaurus and its evolution, the artist changed its coloring to the Squirtle’s evolutionary line. Bulbasaurus, Ivisaurus and Venusaurus have a blue skin tone, while their bulbs and leaves acquire an orange color from water-type shells. Then the artist changed Squirtle and his evolution to the evolutionary line of Charmander. This resulted in the red skin tone of all three, as well as the orange hue of the shells. The evolutionary line adopted the color scheme of the evolution of Bulbasaurus and led to a bright green Charmander, as well as a mixture of green and dark red Charmeleon and Charizard.


This color change will probably lead to a type change for all three, changing the Charmander to Grass, Bulbasaurus to Fire, and Bulbasaurus to Water. Those who take up games in which these starter versions exist will no longer face the early disappointment caused by Charmander’s involvement in the fight with Ash’s possible companion in the Pokemon series, Brock. Unfortunately, this disappointment has shifted to Squirtle.

Changing colors made by fans is a great way for players to take a different look at Pokemon firmly entrenched in the franchise. These new newcomers would completely change the choice for players who usually stick to a certain type and test their loyalty to the design. This would probably change the popularity rating of these Pokemon.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any change in the type of these Pokemon will occur in any official game. Despite the fact that there have been many type changes in recent Pokemon games, such as regional variants, newcomers have not yet seen a single example. In any case, this player demonstrated an interesting new look at the first players of the Pokemon franchise.


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