Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Pixel graphics Kyogre


One of the things that many fans are often happy to learn about with the release of a new generation of Pokemon games is what the new legendary items will be. Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are only a few months away, the legendary boxes, Koraidon and Miraidon, have already been revealed. Although a lot of attention is being paid to these two new legendary Pokemon, this hasn’t stopped some nostalgic fans from creating fan art based on some of the old legendary Pokemon in the series, such as Kyogre.

On Reddit, a user known as arkhai2 shared a picture he recently created based on the Pokemon series. However, this was not an ordinary picture, as the artist decided to make a scene of confrontation between Kayogre and Waylmer, another water-type Pokemon. In addition, this image was even more remarkable considering that a Reddit user decided to make it in pixel graphics.

In the image, Kyogre occupied the left side of the screen and looked at Wailmer with a Pokemon trainer positioned above him. In addition to the scene above Whalemere’s head, there was an exclamation mark suggesting that he couldn’t match the much larger pocket monster in battle. In addition, three text parameters were visible to the right of the Pokemon trainer, while the “RUNNING” option was highlighted in the image. As if the beautiful Pokemon design wasn’t enough, archai2 managed to create an impressive background that contained shades of bluish green and seemed full of vegetation.

Kyogre, Pixelart using aseprite made by me. Hope you guys like it! from pokemon

Many members of the Pokemon community on Reddit have been talking about this recent pixel artwork featuring Kyogre. Among the comments, many gamers noted that they liked the design decision to make Kyogre look like it was all cracked. In fact, archai2 revealed that they intentionally designed Legendary this way because they “really wanted Kyogre to look very old.” It is impressive that this work of art has gained more than 23.8 thousand votes in just one day, which is an important achievement in the Pokemon subreddit.

It’s often impressive when members of the Pokemon community create fan art based on their favorite pocket monsters from this series. In addition to this Kyorge pixel art, other gamers in the past have created images based on the whale-like Legendary. For example, one fan previously decided to make a picture, imagining that Kyogre would like to see as a ghost-type Pokemon. Time will tell what other creations featuring this Pokemon will appear on the Internet in the coming days.


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