Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive neon signs of Umbreon and Espeon


Pokemon is one of the most beloved franchises of all time, with devoted fans of TV shows, movies and video games. Pokemon Company recently released the latest trailer for the first parts of the 9th generation of the game series. Fans are thrilled with the latest Pokemon Scarlet trailer, and Violet has confirmed a few details about the new regions, pocket monsters and other details of the game. Pokemon fans love to portray their favorite pocket monsters from each generation, and an avid fan used LEDs to bring his favorite pocket monsters from Generation 2 to life.

Since the debut of the first Pokemon series games in 1996, more than 900 different Pokemon have been introduced, and each of them has fans. Many recent works of art are centered around pocket monsters that will be featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, for example, a recent fan art featuring Paldin Whooper. But fans still create art depicting pocket monsters of previous generations. A long-time fan of the Pokemon series made an LED fan art depicting Ambreon and Espeon.

Reddit user steel_flux posted an image in which Umbreon and Espeon are made of neon LEDs. Both of these pocket monsters are the final evolutions of Evie, the others are Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Lifeon, Glaseon and Sylveon. Ambreon is a dark—type mammalian Pokemon with a smooth black body and crimson eyes, while Espeon is a four—legged mammalian Pokemon with large ears and elegant paws covered with thin lilac fur. Fans of the community highly appreciated the creation of the original poster and in a few hours gained hundreds of votes.

I have finished these neon LED signs umbreon and espeon from pokemon

The redditor steel_flux used purple-tinged LEDs to outline the bodies of pocket monsters. They even managed to capture the tiny details and features of the Pokemon involved. The Redditor used yellow LEDs to represent the markings on Ambreon’s body, blue LEDs to represent Espeon’s ears, and white LEDs to represent the eyes of both pocket monsters.

Fans left positive comments on the post, and many fans asked the original poster if they were going to sell this work of art. The original poster said that they will soon create an Etsy store, as they are currently having problems with delivery.

Fans of the Pokemon community are lucky, because such fan art constantly reminds them of pocket monsters from previous games. Recently, a creative fan created an impressive Bulbasaurus embroidery and reminded fans of a cute pocket monster from the 1st generation. Such fan art is always pleasing to the eye, as it shows that devoted Pokemon fans will not let the world forget their favorite pocket monsters.


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