Pokemon Fan Makes His Own Version of Swampert Gigantamax


New forms are one of the most common types of Pokemon fan art. While some will be creating fan-made regional variations or evolutions for older Pokemon, some are instead developing brand new mega-evolutions or Gigantamax forms for Pokemon that have never received them in official Pokemon games.

Presented in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Dynamax and Gigantamax represent a special transformation unique to the game setting of the Galar region. This phenomenon will cause any Pokemon to grow to the size of buildings and gain access to stronger attacks. While any Pokemon can Dynamax, Gigantamax represents a specific transformation that only certain Pokemon can undergo, such as water/ice-type Pokemon Lapras, in which both its size and appearance change.

A Reddit user named T-Ace Juice has developed his own interpretation of what the Gigantamax shape will look like for Swampert. Swampert was introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, available as one of three starter Pokemon for player use. In line with other forms of Gigantamax introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, T-Ace Juice does not change the basic design of Swampert too much, but makes its basic functions more exaggerated. The large orange spikes on Swampert’s face have become much sharper, and his fins on his head grow and spread along the Pokemon’s back.

[OC] I tried to create a Gigantamax Swampert from Pokemon.

The gigantamax shape of the Swampert also transforms its caudal fin into a fully formed tail with a fin surrounding it. Although this is the most recent T-Ace Juice fan art, they have created several Pokemon fan art in the past. This will include Chesnaught fan art from Pokemon X and Y. Another T-Ace Juice franchise is creating fan art for the Digimon series.

Fans have been discussing many aspects of Pokemon Sword and Shield, one of which is Dynamax/Gigantamax. While some like the new mechanics for its competitive use, others prefer mega evolutions as they last the entire battle, while Dynamax/Gigantamax expires after three moves. One thing fans like about both mega—evolutions and Gigantamax is the shape-shifting nature of these abilities. Perhaps that is why it has become popular to create original new forms of fans for Pokemon, since changing the appearance can breathe new life into the classic design.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are likely to introduce new combat mechanics to the series. While fans have no indication of what this new trick might be, some are hoping to see the exciting design changes that Gigantamax shapes have brought.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.