Pokemon fan made the dog look like an Arcanin


When most Pokemon fans bring their dog to a groomer, it is usually done in order to trim the shaggy coat, shave off the long claws, or perhaps just wash it thoroughly. However, one Pokemon fan is attracting a lot of attention — both online and offline — for the fact that he transformed his dog, completely turning it into an arcanin.

A fire type originating from the very first generation of Pokemon, Arkanain is a Pokemon dog who first appeared in the game as the main Pokemon of gym leader Blaine in Pokemon Red and Blue. A favorite of many fans, Arkanain is considered one of the 10 best Pokemon dogs of all time.

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Posted on the TikTok social media platform, a dog grooming artist named Gabriel Feitosa is getting a lot of traffic thanks to his video showing his poodle, Edea, trimmed, dyed and brushed into an arkan. The result is a delightfully accurate image with the signature Pokemon coloring on full display. The approximately 30-second video shows the dog happily running around the park, interacting with other dogs and people. Although it is much smaller than the Pokemon Let’s Go version of the Arcanin, the size of a mount, the video ends with the groomer taking the dog, jokingly claiming that he does not understand how heavy the “Pokemon” was.

The post is clearly a great success with Pokemon fans, having received almost a million views and hundreds of thousands of likes within a few days of publication. Many fans joked in the comments that a dog with an Arcanin was taught Extreme Speed, and asked to watch the following video featuring Fire Blast. In fact, this is not the first time Pokemon fans have turned their dog into an arcanin, although they do it in a completely different way. Another Pokemon fan tattooed his dog in the form of an arcanin, creating a version of Pokemon with a darker complexion.

Of course, not all Pokemon fan dogs contribute to their hobby. Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul has revealed that his dog decided the $25,000 Pokemon card was a snack. In one of the episodes of his Impaulsive podcast, the YouTuber said that he lost a huge amount of money after his dog almost ate a rare PSA 9 Charizard card. Although technically the card is still in his possession, presumably due to damage it has lost almost all of its value. Unsurprisingly, Paul keeps his other rare Charizard Pokemon card safe in his famous expensive necklace.


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