Pokemon Fan made an impressive Neon sign

There are still a lot of traditional fan art created on paper or in digital drawing programs in the Pokemon community, and fans regularly share their creations. However, it also seems to be true that Pokemon fans are always looking for unique means for their art, which leads to impressive results.
One such example is a talented artist who recreated the original Pokemon of the 1st generation in the style of a neon sign. This creation wins praise when it is discovered by Ghost-type fans.
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The Career-Tourist Redditor shared his latest work with the Pokemon subreddit, showing a neon-sign-style Gastley. The work is impressive: the overall photo was taken with the ambient lighting turned off, which allows the neon light of the sign to shine. The general shape of the Gastle and its miasm-like gas are depicted in light purple, the eyes are greenish-white, and the tongue is pink. The final creation is a somewhat simplified Gastley design, but its shape should be immediately clear to any fan.
I made a creepy neon sign made of Pokemon LEDs
Fans in the comments seemed as eager to buy it as they were to find out how it was made. According to Career-Tourist, they start with a 3D-printed frame to create the overall shape that the sign should adhere to. Then they apply neon flexible LEDs, which are flexible LED lamps coated with silicon that give it a neon sheen and glow. Some may be disappointed to learn that this is not a real neon, but traditional neon lamps have some disadvantages that LEDs do not have, for example, the likelihood that the light will break and emit gas.
Interestingly, this is not the first time that Pokemon fan art using light has caused a wave in the community. One fan artist used lasers to create a unique Pikachu fan art that previously impressed fans. Although Pikachu fan art would be difficult to reproduce in your own home, these neon signs are available for sale, so Pokemon fans might be interested in taking a look at the Career-Tourist store on Etsy.
While Gengar often occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most popular Ghost type Pokemon of the 1st generation, if not in general, his evolutionary predecessors Gasly and Ghost are also very fond of. Something about the trio’s mischievous nature continues to attract fans and inspire similar creative work. Previous entries in the series gave the final evolution the form of Mega Gengar, but it remains to be seen whether Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will do something new or unique with the ghostly triad.