Pokemon Fan is developing regional variants for Tangela and Tangrowth


The unusual-looking Pokemon Tangela and Tangroot got a new look after a talented fan artist decided to provide them with new custom regional options. Tangela and Tangrout are a pair of grass—type pocket monsters that first appeared in the 4th generation of the Pokemon series, and their appearance is hard to miss because of their unique design.

Remaining true to their grass type, both Tangela and Tangroot consist mainly of blue creepers, similar to growths. Tangela has a roughly spherical shape and a pair of reddish legs. On the other hand, Tangrowth, the evolution of Tangela, features a more refined design, including long arms. While the appearance of these Pokemon stands out, one player took these plant-like drawings and significantly redesigned them, imagining how they might look like regional variants of the water theme.

Custom regional variants for Tangela and Tangrowth were demonstrated in an image posted on Reddit by a user known as Haychel. This new piece of art from a Reddit user has replaced the bluish Pokemon vines with something like seaweed. The artist added longer leaves and additional details to the algae on Tangrowth to show that it was the evolution of Tangela. One of the minor details that greatly influenced the overall look were Tangela’s webbed feet, helping to portray a new water theme for Pokemon.

The regional form of Tangela & Tangrowth [OC] from Pokemon

In addition to showcasing the new look, a photo shared by Heichel showed that the new regional designs for Tangela and Tangroute were known as Elysian Forms. In addition, the text noted that these Pokemon were of a double type, since they now had a water type. In addition, the artist added a smaller image of the original Tangela and Tangroute, which allowed fans to compare designs.

These new regional variants of Tangela and Tangrowth caused a real stir among the Pokemon community on Reddit. One user said it was nice to see concept art for another grass/water type Pokemon line, as they claimed there was only one in the series: Lotad and its evolutions. In addition to fans praising this new type of grass/water for these Pokemon, Heichel told a story related to the options. According to the creator, “Tangelas and Tangrowths that live in coastal areas take the form of seaweed and kelp.”

Since many fans are hoping for another grass/water type line in the future, it will be interesting to see if the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be able to add a new line of Pokemon, since not all pocket monsters have been revealed for these games. . While players will have to wait and see if that happens, at least they can admire this impressive concept art created by Heichel from Tangela and Tangrowth in the meantime.


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