Pokemon Fan has put together an updated version of the Pokemon Unify board game, which took more than 30 hours


The Pokemon franchise is currently one of the most popular in the world, and its fans around the world can instantly recognize almost any aspect of the series. The Pocket Monster franchise is also a space for creativity, where fans have showcased a variety of creations, from Pokemon crossover to animation and toys. Pokemon fans won’t be deterred by anything when it comes to fan work, as there are many ways to express appreciation for the series.

A less common form of player-generated content is the Pokemon Tabletop board game. Of course, there have been attempts to create a desktop version of the franchise, such as Pokemon Master Trainer back in the early 2000s or even more recently, Pokemon Battle Academy, although this game uses the mechanics of the Pokemon Collectible Card game. However, one fan is making a board game that is more in line with the main Pokemon games, which they call Pokemon Unify.

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This passionate Pokemon-themed project was created by Reddit user BZNintendo, who posted his latest version of Pokemon Unify on the r/pokemon subreddit. They describe the game as combining the core games and Pokemon TCG, which has a number of elements that fans can expect. This includes catching Pokemon, trading, battles, certain Pokemon encounters, and even gym battles.

The amount of content in the game is staggering, where several players become coaches and create their own Pokemon teams. From there, the race begins to collect eight gym badges and defeat the elite four. The map available in this iteration applies to the entire Kanto region, and according to numerous game tests between the user’s friends, the game took about 20-30 hours. It took them over six months to design and make the entire board game, including the map, maps and other aspects.

BZNintendo notes in advance that due to the fact that this is an unlicensed board game, they could not transfer this project to Kickstarter to make this board game official. It was not even possible to contact The Pokemon Company itself, since the company rejected the offer of cooperation. They also state that they have no plans to remake or change any aspect of the game to replace it with the Pokemon aspect, as they say it is a firmly passionate project. On the other hand, BZNintendo reports that it is possible to place it on a desktop simulator or create a homemade version that fans can make themselves.

If fans want to keep up with the development of the board game, BZNintendo has a special subreddit for Pokemon Unify.