Pokemon Fan Gets Incredible Color Pokemon Crystal Theme Custom Game Boy


The creation of non-standard game consoles is becoming a popular trend. From demonstrating your love for the chosen console by developing a unique shell to creating a working prototype of a completely original creation, there is no limit to the possibilities for talented fans. For example, one fan of the Pokemon franchise has developed an incredible non-standard coloring Game Boy Color for the popular legendary Pokemon.

This Pokemon is a legendary water—type Suicune that first appeared in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Crystal was first released in 2000 for the Game Boy Color, and then released on 3DS in 2018. Since the game was released in the second generation of Pokemon, it is mostly remembered for a few added features such as breeding, a female playable trainer, and the ability to travel around Kanto.

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A fan on Reddit named H3roOfTime9 recently showed off his own Game Boy Color, the theme of which their partner is dedicated to Suicune and Pokemon Crystal. This Game Boy Color itself is strikingly similar to the original Pokemon Crystal cartridge, as it has the same turquoise color and translucent shell. The shell itself is decorated in front with an image of Suicune, resembling a stained glass window.

The Game Boy custom color is not just for display, as it is shown to light up when used. The area next to the crosspiece and buttons glows with a deep blue color, which corresponds to the turquoise color of the case. Although there is no information about whether the partner H3roOfTime9 has created any other custom shells for consoles, it seems that the couple are passionate fans of classic Pokemon games.

Custom shells for game consoles are not something that is limited to fan designers. Several gaming companies have released limited edition versions of consoles featuring some popular character or symbol. Considering how quickly these consoles sell out, it’s no surprise that this custom Game Boy Color has become a hit among Pokemon fans. Nintendo itself has released many Pokemon-themed consoles over the 26-year history of the series, and they tend to become popular collectibles.

This impressive custom Game Boy is one of many creations created by Pokemon fans. From unique animations showcasing Pokemon to simple fan art featuring a fan’s favorite creature, the Pokemon franchise has spawned several custom creations that fans continue to enjoy. A new generation of Pokemon is coming soon, and there will probably be a whole new community of Pokemon fans showing off their own enthusiastic projects based on the series.