Pokemon fan drew 18 variants of Pikachu


A Pokemon fan recently drew 18 different versions of Pikachu. In 1996, the first Pokemon game was released, and since then it has had a large number of fans. 2022 was a great year for Pokemon fans. It began with the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which became one of the best-selling games of 2022, and will end with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which are scheduled for release in November. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first parts of the 9th generation of Pokemon games.

Since the first appearance of Pokemon games in 1996, more than 900 pocket monsters have been released, and many of them have a devoted fan base. Pikachu is the first Pokemon Ash has assembled as a Pokemon trainer, and is the signature Pokemon of the Pokemon anime. Because of his connection with Ash, who is the main character of the anime series “Pokemon”, Pikachu has accumulated loyal fans. Many Pikachu fans love artwork depicting Pikachu, and recently a fan made a supporting sword inspired by the tail of Pikachu.

Reddit user abz-art shared an image in which he depicted Pikachu in all 18 types. There are 18 different types of Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, namely Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Combat, Poisonous, Earthy, Flying, Psychic, Insect, Stone, Ghost, Dark, Dragon, Steel and Fairy. . Pikachu was originally an electric-type Pokemon and was transformed into 17 other types using the original poster. The Pokemon community adored the creation of the original poster and gained more than 30 thousand votes.

I drew Pikachu in all 18 types of Pokemon [OS]

The comments section is filled with commendable comments from Pokemon fans and has received over 700 comments. Fans in the comments section are discussing the most powerful version of Pikachu. Several fans even noted that some of the new versions of Pikachu look better than the original. Fans also named these versions, and Reddit user OGBilly3 gave different names to each type of Pikachu created on the original poster.

For those who don’t know, Pikachu is an electric—type Pokemon introduced in the 1st generation of the game series. This is a developed version of Pichu, which can turn into a Raichu when exposed to a Thunderstone. Pikachu fans may be partly determined by the fact that “Detective Pikachu,” a film based on electric-type Pokemon, has become one of the highest-grossing video game films of all time.


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