Pokemon fan Creates impressive Halloween-themed designs for Bulbasaurus and its evolution


A Pokemon fan shared his opinion on how Bulbasaurus, Ivisaurus and Venusaurus would look if they had a Halloween twist. In recent years, Pokemon has often immersed itself in the creepy Halloween spirit by hosting special events in games like Pokemon GO to celebrate, for which these designs are perfect.

Pokemon fan artists often come up with interesting combinations, and since Bulbasaurus is one of the popular Kanto starters, it often gets fan art. While some fantasies are pretty far off the wall, there are some elements in this particular Halloween Bulbasaur family tree design that perhaps perfectly combine the two.

Reddit user scrazyone1 shared with the Internet his new designs Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur, reinterpreted as Halloween-themed Pokemon. Scrazyone1 decided to create them as 3D models to make them look like they came straight from the game. As you can see, each iteration of the herbal/poison family now has a pumpkin on its back instead of the usual light bulb. Each pumpkin has a face like a pumpkin lantern. The Bulbasaurus and its evolutions themselves are also decorated with drawings of the skull and bones, while the face of the Bulbasaurus is almost completely hidden by the skull pattern. As the Pokemon develops, the bones become less noticeable, and the pumpkin becomes larger and looks more threatening.

Fans in the comments were quick to share praise for the design, giving evolutionary family trees names like Spookysaur, Scarysaur and Terrorsaur, and even coming up with new knowledge and Pokedex entries for the trio. Scrazyone1 have confirmed that they are working on an additional design so that fans can count on some extra creepy pocket monsters before Halloween arrives. The creator also makes 3D model files available to anyone who wants to print them as physical figures through their Patreon account.

It’s not surprising that Pokemon fans love these creations, as the series has always been a little creepy. Ghosts and wraiths have been a part of Pokemon since the days of Pokemon Red and Blue, and ghost-type ghosts and Pokemon even played a big role in the early days of Pokemon anime. Between the unsolved mysteries of the Pokemon series and the creepy Pokedex entries, the mostly light-hearted games always seem to harbor something slightly disturbing.

Adding Halloween evolution options or even new skins for each individual Pokemon would be a daunting task for developers as the series covers so many of them now. However, Pokemon fans will probably always be on hand to step in with creative ideas when the autumn cold weather approaches.


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