Pokemon fan created the art of Mimicry on the theme of horror


The Pokemon fan community is by far one of the most creative fandoms in all of pop culture, regularly creating many different types of artwork depicting their favorite characters. While you can usually see a lot of fan art with your favorite fans, such as Pikachu, Charizard or Bulbasaurus, one Pokemon is somewhat unexpectedly gaining a lot of fan creations: Mimicry.

Mimikyu, a double-type Pokemon, ghostly and fabulous, first introduced in the 7th generation, is quite an interesting Pokemon, which, as the name implies, imitates Pikachu, wearing semi-convincing clothes resembling a mascot. Although its true appearance and origin remain a mystery, Japanese Pokemon fans have put forward an alarming theory explaining the true nature of Mimicry.

A user with the painful name u/ShankYourself, posted on the Pokemon subreddit, demonstrates an impressive horror-themed Mimicry fan art. In the image, Mimikyu is standing in a corner, illuminated by a flashlight on the floor, and holding a large kitchen knife in her hands. In the reflection of the blade, you can see shocked eyes, which indicates that Mimikyu is not idle. Mimikyu’s name is written several times on the walls in blood along with the words “Sabrina is here,” which is probably a reference to the first gym manager in Saffron City.

Fan art Mimicry! from pokemon

A couple of unused Poke Balls on the ground may mean that the current coach will have a lot more problems, or perhaps even the previous coach met his fate at the hands of a creepy Pokemon. In any case, the work conveys the horror theme very well, creating a rather sinister scene with Mimicry. The image also features Gengar’s doodle in another corner, and Gengar recently received his own horror-themed fan art on the same Reddit page.

If fan art wasn’t scary enough, the images of how Mimicry would look in real life were certainly scary. One Pokemon fan used an artificial intelligence generator to create a series of realistic images of what it would look like if the Mimic was captured on a security camera. The results are arguably more terrifying than the image above, showing eerily distorted versions of Pokemon with realistic textures, creating something that is purely nightmarish fuel.

While many Mimicry fan art tends towards scary themes, given the nature of Pokemon, some fans do the opposite. This is the case with one fan who created an impressive Mimikyu rug with a brighter color scheme, closer to the Pikachu he is trying to emulate, giving it a much softer look than most of his other fan-created iterations. Whatever the environment, it should be interesting to see what form the unusual Pokemon character will take next.


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