Pokemon fan created a fiery mudkip


A Pokemon player has created a fiery version of the starting pocket monster Mudkip. Gamers like to take different Game Freak creatures and give them a new design based on alternative typifications. This has led to many interesting type changes for the various Pokemon as players imagine what might be.

Mudkip was first introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and was a water-type starter for this generation. Fans of the series love the pocket monster, even to the point of creating a meme around this creature. One player even created an alternative form of Pokemon, changing what is usually expected of a Mudkip.

A Reddit user under the nickname abz-art created a version of Mudkip Fire-Type, which they shared with the whole world. The artist took the usual blue Pokemon colors and changed them to various red and orange. The spikes on his cheeks were replaced by flames, as was the fin on top of his head. The fin that served as the tail was also replaced with a flame. Abz-art also gave his version of Mudkip a mischievous smile and bright red eyes, which helps to give him a fiery character corresponding to his new type.

Fire Type Mudkip [OC] from Pokemon

Mudkip Fire-Type from Abz-art gathered a lot of fans, one of whom said that Pokemon is now their child. One commenter gave the pocket monster the nickname “Mudkindling”, while another called it “Spudkip”, stating that it is a hot potato. One user believes that the new design is 100% better than the original, and another mentioned that he can see this version of Mudkip, although he doubts which region it will be from. The Abz-Art version of the Water-Type starter is cute and is a nice representation of Pokemon that many people know and love.

Mudkip is not the only Pokemon whose fans change their type. A redditor known as DumbShoes has created a version of Psyduck for every set of text currently available. The user took a very creative approach to creating different Psyducks, turning a Beetle-type into a bee, a Combat-type into a boxer and a Dark-type into a witch. The artist even went so far as to make Electric-Type a typical Psyduck, which is electrocuted, and Flying-Type — the original version of Pokemon equipped with a jetpack. This is more fun than changing the Mudkip type, although both of them offer interesting ideas for changing some Nintendo creatures. This is especially true for Mudkip, as the pocket monster is widely represented in the Pokemon community.

With the advent of a new generation of Pokemon games, fans should wait and see if pocket monsters like Mudkip will get changes similar to what abz-art imagined.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 18.


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