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While there are certainly many reasons for the popularity of the Pokemon franchise in general, the pocket monsters themselves are the obvious stars of the show. Knowledge and backstory over more than two decades, explaining some species in detail, there are still gaps that fans like to fill in, and artist Alex Fantastico, in particular, has something to share in this regard.

Namely, Fantastico has taken on the task of creating detailed Pokemon evolutionary diagrams that track the origin of creatures in great detail. So far, they have created a number of unique diagrams depicting Pokemon dogs, foxes and other diverse creatures, but their latest work is devoted, in particular, to the otter and the Pokemon next to the otter.

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As in the case of the diagram of the ancestors of the fox Pokemon Fantastico, here the artist had to come up with several intermediate evolutions for existing species of Pokemon-otters. According to Fantastico’s interpretation of the origin of Pokemon otters, it all started with a creature named Ottermatic. This ancient proto-otter eventually formed a symbiosis with the fan-favorite Cloister, which then led to all sorts of other creatures, including the modern otters of the Pokemon franchise, such as Samurott and Floatzel.

Otter Pokémon Ancestry from Pokemon

As is the case with the diagram of the ancestors of Pokemon dogs Fantastico, here they also combine species that may not seem directly related in any way, shape or form. This is where the Slowpoke evolutionary line appears, which, as Fantastico suggests, could have separated from the otter evolution baseline in ancient times. Since Fantastico needs to figure out how best to combine the various Otter Pokemon in a way that makes sense, it goes without saying that most of the evolutionary tree is actually custom designed and does not appear in any of the official Pokemon. IP materials.

Custom Pokemon design is hardly a new concept, as the unofficial term of endearment for these community creations is that they are “Fakemon”, such as the Heracross ghost type Tniseraaso60 concept. What sets Alex Fantastico’s work apart from most of the other creations of the community is how well thought out and organized they are, and this is bound to continue as they also come up with more evolutionary compositions.

With the Pokemon Paradox introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it becomes clear that Gamefreak has no problem adding new subspecies of existing creatures to the mix. However, it is unlikely that the studio will be able to balance all the unique and curious creatures that Fantastico has come up with for his work, even if the developers want to adapt a similar concept sometime in the future.


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