Pokemon fan changed the design of Bruno from the elite four


The Pokemon franchise offers players to rise to the title of Pokemon champion by collecting gym badges and challenging the elite four. This group of coaches, as a rule, is quite a difficult task and, as such, becomes an unforgettable battle for the players who take them on. One such Pokemon trainer is Bruno, a martial artist who usually goes into battle shirtless. Now one Pokemon fan has paid homage to this character with an impressive redesign.

The Elite Four represents the best set of trainers in the regional Pokemon league, and there are several of them in numerous Pokemon games. Bruno first appeared in the second slot in Pokemon Red and Blue and has since climbed the Indigo Plateau.

This intimidating new look of the well-known Elite 4 Bruno is created by u/ibralui. The original appearance of this character was introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue and is a muscular man sitting cross-legged in white pants with studded bracelets. In the U/ibralui redesign, this figure stands with his leg down, a pair of white pants has a new red belt, and the studded bracelets also have a tiny pokeball. Bruno’s hair looks longer and matches its original color very well. The overall character has become much more detailed, veins are now visible, and he is surrounded by his pair of Onyx with glowing eyes.

I’ve remade another Indigo Elite: Bruno from Pokemon

Those Pokemon fans who have played any game that featured the Indigo Plateau probably remember coming across this fighting-type Pokemon trainer. While this image does a lot to show an intimidating version of Bruno, his battle can be quite simple. In his early appearances, he fought with a pair of Onyx, which were easy prey for any water-type Pokemon. There are only three fighting Pokemon left to fight.

Like Bruno, Onyx as a Pokemon seems intimidating, but doesn’t live up to the hype. Since it is an earth and stone type Pokemon, Onyx is 4 times weaker than both grass and water Pokemon, which makes most Onyx battles extremely challenging.

Again, Onix is perfect against poisonous and flying Pokemon. The intimidating design of this Pokemon and its ability to transform into Steelix still make it a viable option for some teams of players. In any case, the master of Onix, Bruno, sees an amazing new look at this fan creation.