Pokemon fan art shows what the merger of Latios and Schizor will look like


With each new region and new Pokemon franchise game, more Pokemon designs are being released. As the franchise spans 1,000 creatures, players continue to rethink those who have already become canon. These merges tie together several Pokemon designs and usually give an interesting result. One Pokemon fan recently demonstrated how, in their opinion, the merger of Latios and Schizor would look like.

The mergers date back to the beginning of the Pokemon franchise, when fans used the original 151 to create strange new hybrid creatures. The Pokemon used in this display are Latios, the legendary Dragon/psycho Pokemon, and Scizor, a beetle/steel type Pokemon. The first was introduced in the third generation of Pokemon, and the second in the second generation.

The creator of this merge is u/Purplekaiju28, and they share a single image of what looks like an intimidating new Pokemon. This design basically takes the form of a Scizor, while retaining the powerful claws, wings, and overall body shape of this Pokemon. However, from Latios, this alloy retains the shape of the head, wings, tails and the blue coloring of Pokemon. The artist took care to include enough from both Pokemon so that it was easy to determine which ones were used as the basis for this creation. Together, Latios and Schizor look like a frightening evolution for any of these Pokemon.

I drew another merge, Latios and Schizor. I hope it’s not getting old now from Pokemon

Since both of the original Pokemon have a dual type, this new creature has quite a few options for its own type. It can match Dialga and be a Steel/Dragon type Pokemon, match Metagross and be a Psychic/Steel type, or even be the first Dragon/Bug type Pokemon. Some of these combinations are among the best in Pokemon, and this fusion looks like part of an impressive creature.

Merges often point to some potential dual-type Pokemon that have never been tried before, showing potential for future regions and games. Ideally, at some point each combination will have at least one example in which players can try their hand. Having an even bigger pool when creating a Pokemon team can only help players on their gaming journey.

Again, there are some combinations of types in Pokemon that should probably never be done. For example, grass/fire type Pokemon don’t make much sense even in the Pokemon universe. In any case, this merger perfectly shows what Latios and Schizor could look like if they were united.