Pokemon fan Art Shows What a Roll Would Look Like in Real Life


The first Pokemon game was first released back in 1996, and since then it has had a huge number of loyal fans. So far, more than 900 different Pokemon have been featured in several games. So far, 12 new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been revealed, and more are expected to be unveiled before the games are released in November. The popularity of the franchise is partly due to the numerous Pokemon that members of the community cherish.

Pokemon fans are known to be creative. Members of the Pokemon community love to portray their favorite Pokemon with their art. While most of the artwork shared by fans is digital, some also share images and videos of physical art creations. Not so long ago, a fan created sand art with Sandigast and received a lot of positive feedback from members of the Pokemon community. Now a Pokemon fan has created his own version of Rowlet and shared his creation on Reddit.

Reddit user SoCal_Special_Kei shared an image in which they tried to portray a real version of the Roulette. Rowlet is a flying/grass type Pokemon that was first introduced together with Popplio and Litten as the three starting Pokemon of the Alola region. He also featured alongside Oshavott and Sindakil as a newcomer to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Rowlet’s appearance is inspired by an owl; he has two leaves on his chest, resembling a bow tie.

(OC) A real-life Pokemon Roulette

While the original poster captured many small details about the Rowlet, the plumage of their version is mostly green and without the famous butterfly. The original post received positive feedback from fans and scored more than 600 votes in just one day. Pokemon fans on Reddit turned to the comments section to praise the artistic skills of the original poster and answer questions about this real version of the Roulette. “It looks very realistic! Great job!” one user commented.

A fan also amusingly noted that the version of the Rowlet from the original poster looked like a real version of the Beanie Boo, while another claimed that this Rowlet seems to look right into their soul. The original poster also shared their handle on Instagram in the comments section and said that they regularly post Pokemon changes there.

More artwork is expected to appear online as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the first releases of the 9th generation of the Pokemon game series, approach the release date. Fans have already shared many fan art featuring the recently introduced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pocket monsters. Recently, a fan shared an artwork depicting Corydon, in which they removed the wheel.


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