Pokemon Fan Art Presents the Greninja Line as Venomous Types


A Pokemon fan imagined what the Greninja evolutionary line would look like if they were of the poisonous type. Gamers like to imagine what different pocket monsters would look like if they had alternative Types from their original forms. This has led to Pokemon fan art introducing new versions of existing creatures that gamers like.

Greninja is the latest evolution of Froki, the starting Water Type for Pokemon X and Y. The Pocket Monster becomes a Dark Type after full development and is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Pokemon also have a special form called Ash-Greninja, which was featured in the anime series. One player drew Greninja and its preview versions with a different set of text, which gave their line a new look.

A redditor named CraigRosnerArt drew the Greninja line as a poisonous type of Pokemon. The artist changed their coloring so that it consisted mainly of blue and purple colors, and gave them mottled patterns on their hands and feet. All three pocket monsters have gold medallions with skulls on the upper chest. The white bubble scarves that Froki and Frogadir had are now pink, and Greninji’s has become more ragged. The creature also has golden skulls on its knees and a large golden shuriken on its back. CraigRosnerArt’s version of the Greninja line looks more intimidating than the original and fits well into the concept of poisonous frogs.

The poisonous version of Greninja, which CriagRosnerArt posted on Reddit, has won several fans. One user stated that they would like Greninja and his preliminary evolutions to actually be Poison-type Pokemon, as this is their favorite type. Another called the artwork awesome and said it’s their favorite Types in one. The work created by CraigRosnerArt is very impressive and is a good alternative to the Greninja line.

Another fan of the Nintendo role-playing game series took a different starter and changed its Type just like CraigRosnerArt changed Greninja. A Reddit user known as abz-art took Mudkip and turned him into a fire-type Pokemon. The artist changed the original blue color of the pocket monsters to orange and red, and their gills and fins turned into flames. The creature’s tail has also been modified to look more like a flame. Mudkip was given a mischievous smile and bright red eyes that help match the fiery character of his new Type. The artwork of both CraigRosnerArt and abz-art represent interesting changes to the well-established Pokemon and will be excellent regional options in future games in the series.


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