Pokemon fan art combines brilliant umbreon with Van Gogh’s starry night


When it comes to creating fan art, Pokemon fans often draw inspiration from the real world as well as from the Pokemon series itself. This often leads to hybrid images combining Pokemon with animals or characters from other iconic franchises.

In this particular case, one Pokemon fan artist drew inspiration from a classic work of art. The creation combines the “Brilliant Umbreon” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, creating an impressive blend of art.

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Reddit user siinastah shared his creation with the Pokemon subreddit, and fans are impressed. A brilliant Umbreon stands with his mouth agape and looks into the distance in the foreground, and in the background behind him are the iconic swirling colors of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. The color palette of the Umbreon changes from black and yellow to black and blue in a brilliant version, it fits perfectly into the design, almost looking like it’s masking itself. This is further enhanced by the mottled, grain-like colored spots on the Umbreon itself.

Shiney Ambreon looks amazing in a Starry Night! from pokemon

Van Gogh’s art has often been the subject of artistic mixes, and this fan artist has not limited himself to this with Shiny Umbreon. The artist also shared images of his works that attracted other Pokemon to the classic work of art. These include Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard, the iconic starters of the original Pokemon games. According to siinastah, some works were created using oil paint on canvas, but others were made using a combination of digital art programs such as Photoshop and Procreate.

Those who like works of art may want to contact siinistah, as they noted in the comments that they sell reproductions of their works. This will certainly add an interesting part of the conversation to the house. Given the almost eternal popularity of Pokemon and the iconic nature of the original Van Gogh painting, it will definitely stand out at the exhibition, even if the viewer is not familiar with both plots.

The Pokemon franchise now spans a quarter of a century of time, and fans have been sharing inspired creations like these for almost as long. Each game has new locations, creatures and trainers that players can meet and challenge, so fans always have something to inspire creativity. Laser art, crocheted figurines and 3D printers have been used to bring fan favorites to life, but more traditional techniques can still be used to create impressive Pokemon figurines like this one.