Pokemon: Everything you need to know about Sleep (status status)


Sleep for generations of Pokemon games of the main series Movements and abilities that can cause sleep in Pokemon games of the main series How to cure sleep

Falling asleep at work is never good, especially if the work involves a direct fight with the same pocket monster. In Pokemon Sword & Shield, as in any other game in the main series of the Pokemon franchise, sleep is a status state that can deplete any target for several moves.

Sleep does not allow the affected Pokemon to move under normal circumstances for one or more moves, depending on some hidden RNG mechanics. While it’s not as common as some other status states in modern games like Pokemon Sword & Shield, Sleep arguably has the most versatility as it can be used as a way to thwart opponents as well as players for certain niche strategies.

Updated by Russ Boswell on August 28, 2022: With each generation of Pokemon, a variety of movements, abilities and items appeared. The effect of sleep has changed slightly over the years, but for the most part remains a key (and sometimes harmful) part of the combat system. Players who don’t know how best to deal with sleep may lose Pokemon teams due to an enemy that can send them to sleep quickly and easily. To better help with this and show players how to better cope with sleep in Pokemon, the following guide has been updated to include items, movements, and abilities that affect or treat sleep conditions.

Sleep for generations of Pokemon games of the main series
Sleep In Generation 1 Pokemon Games

Sleep in the initial games of the franchise can last from 1 to 7 moves (or from 1 to 3 moves in Pokemon Stadium). The sleep counter does not reset on shutdown, which means that if a Pokemon has to sleep 4 turns as determined by the RNG, if it stays in combat for 1 turn before retreating, it will sleep 3 turns when it returns. to the battle. When the Pokemon wakes up from sleep, it will still not be able to move until the next turn, which can be abused to block the Pokemon in an endless sleep cycle if the attacker is faster.

Sleep In Generation 2 Pokemon Games

The maximum sleep duration has been reduced to 5 moves to slightly reduce its power and usage, plus Pokemon that wake up from sleep will be able to move in the same turn, preventing the aggressive sleep cycle that was abused in first-generation games. . It’s also worth noting that wild Pokemon can’t escape while they’re sleeping, which makes sleep-inducing techniques great for helping catch the wandering legends of Raikou, Entei, and Suikune.

Sleep In Generation 3 Pokemon Games

The minimum sleep duration has been increased, so the new possible duration is from 2 to 5 moves. Unfortunately, wild Pokemon can now run away in their sleep, which makes catching wandering legendary characters more difficult than before. The Sleep Talk and Snore movements slightly increase the duration of a Pokemon’s sleep if a sleeping Pokemon uses them, however, this was strangely implemented, and this mechanic works on a separate counter, and not on a real Sleep counter.

Sleep In Generation 4 Pokemon Games

The sleep counter mechanics for sleep talking and snoring have been integrated into the real sleep counter, although from the player’s point of view it has the same effects, which means that for most visible changes it was not noticeable.

Sleep In Generation 5 Pokemon Games

In another change in duration, Sleep can now affect Pokemon only for 1 to 3 turns, although after switching off, the sleeping Pokemon’s sleep counter resets to its initial value, which means that the Pokemon that switched off during sleep will remain inactive for more turns. This new mechanic also works with rest, so players who want a certain Pokemon to sleep can use the switch to their advantage.

Sleep In Generation 6 Pokemon Games

The developers didn’t like that the sleep counter is reset for sleeping Pokemon that come out of battle, so it was removed. However, nothing else has changed in Sleep in this generation of games.

Sleep In Generation 7 Pokemon games and more

There have been no changes in how the sleep state works after the 6th generation, so it remains the same in Pokemon games of the 7th and 8th generations.


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