Pokémon Direct may release Pearl’s productions


Pokémon celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and, in addition, the Diamond and Pearl saga complete 15 years and Pokémon GO turns 5. It is a year of important birthdays for the series.

A speculation that is running around is that we could have Nintendo’s first Pokémon Direct on February 27, also known as Pokémon Day. That Direct could reveal some interesting things, like – perhaps – the remake of Diamond and Pearl.

Some theories

Nintendo made its first Direct of 2021 on 02/17 and we didn’t hear anything about Pokémon. This fact only fueled the hopes of having a Pokémon exclusive Direct, especially considering that the 27th of this month is Pokémon Day, the date of the first games launched in 1996.

The game duo Diamond and Pearl turns 15 in 2021 and how could Nintendo celebrate that anniversary if not releasing a remake of the games? It would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

Both are the oldest games that have not yet received a remake. The games Red, Blue, Green received several remakes, Gold, Silver, Ruby and Sapphire have also had their remakes.


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