Pokémon: China Seizes 7.6 Tons Of Counterfeit Cards


Pokémon Trading Card Game cards are highly sought after by fans, and often anything goes when completing your collection. Or almost everything, right? In China, no less than 7.6 tons of counterfeit letters were seized at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai!

The forgers’ idea was to take the material produced in Qingdao province to the Netherlands, but airport security professionals quickly noticed the suspicious objects. In the country, exporting counterfeit letters is a serious violation of the law, and counterfeiters tried to ship 400,000 packages of letters, committing a major offense in the process.

The fakes were so good that the idea seemed to be to sell the stuff as if they were original booster packs, with text in Spanish. According to global Yicai, this was one of the biggest seizures carried out in China’s recent history!

Do you collect Pokémon Trading Card Game? Do you think it’s easy to tell the difference between fake and real cards? What did you think of this news? Let us know in the comments below!