Pokemon Center Offers fans an exclusive Charizard Collectible card

Pokemon is a gaming franchise that seems to have an almost infinite level of popularity. Despite the fact that the series recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, fans are still demanding new Pokemon games, cards and all accessories related to them. In 2022, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released, the next two main games in the series, in which players will embark on a journey through a region inspired by Spain. In addition, fans can also expect to see a new Charizard special card on the way to the Pokemon collectible card game.
The new Charizard card is known as the “Special Delivery Charizard” and has a pretty cute fire Pokemon design carrying two delivery bags on the sides. A Pikachu in a blue hat in the style of a postman rides on a Charizard. The new Pokemon TCG card is being introduced in honor of the launch of Pokemon Center in the UK. However, fans outside the UK should not be afraid, as the “Special Delivery Charizard” card is also available in the USA and Canada.
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To get a unique Charizard card, all fans must register by entering their name and details. Then they will receive a code that will come within 12 weeks after entering the person’s data. After that, the card will be eligible for purchases at Pokemon Center in the amount of $ 20 or the regional equivalent. This new version of Charizard knows Happy Delivery, a flamethrower and has 160HP. For most fans, the actual competitive fitness of this card won’t matter, and it’s more for collectible value.
Although Pokemon claims that this offer is time-limited, the codes expire at 23:59 on December 31, 2022, which gives fans enough time to get their hands on “Charizard with special delivery.” However, only one code will be issued to each buyer, which hopefully means that speculators will not be able to get all copies of this card. Previously, it was shown that speculators buy Pokemon cards in bulk, not allowing an ordinary buyer to get them.
While scalping Pokemon cards may seem strange compared to buying things like PS5 or video cards in bulk to sell them at a higher price, some cards may have more value. For example, YouTuber Logan Paul bought a Pokemon card for more than $5 million and wore it on a necklace. He even introduced it as part of his appearance at Wrestlemania 38, again showing the value of the card.