Pokémon: celebrating their 25th anniversary this year!


On February 27, 1996, the red and blue versions of the Pokémon license were released in Japan. Two games that have marked a whole generation!

These are two monuments of video games. 25 years ago, the red and blue versions of the Pokémon saga were released on Nintendo’s famous console, the Game Boy.

Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle? This starting dilemma is one that faced a whole generation of kids in the 90s.

Indeed, many of them were discovering at this time the red and blue versions of Pokémon, the first two of the license. Games that have since remained essential from their childhood!

As a reminder, these two very similar versions put the player in the shoes of a young boy, a trainer of creatures called Pokémon, whose goal was to catch them all.

On February 27, these two editions of Pokémon will celebrate their 25th birthday. Already ?! Oh yes, getting old!

Indeed, the Pokémon Red and Blue games were released that same day in Japan in 1996. In France, we had to be a little more patient. Pikachu and the other Pokémon didn’t land until October 8, 1999!

Upon their release, these early Pokémon versions met with phenomenal worldwide success. A TV series and collectible cards sprang up in the process and added to the general craze!

Even so, Pokémon’s success was far from certain …

Pokémon: the red and blue versions are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year!


Even today, Pokémon’s success is still here. Indeed, since the red and blue versions, many other editions have been released over the years on Nintendo consoles. But nothing predestined the saga to be so successful. Quite the contrary!

A little return to the past is in order. In the 1980s, a certain Satoshi Tajiri came up with the idea of ​​a game whose goal was to collect little creatures.

No wonder when you consider that this Japanese game designer was also a great collector of insects!

In 1991, he discovered the Game Boy and fell in love with the console. He then offered his game concept to Nintendo who immediately accepted. This is how development of the red and blue versions of Pokémon begins!

But not everything is going to go as planned. Far from there ! Indeed, the development of games is very long and laborious.

Satoshi Tajiri then runs into big money problems and even has to give up his salary. A nightmare !

In 1993, the project was even considered to be abandoned. Several employees in fact decide to leave the ship!

In short, after six long years of development, the red and blue versions of Pokémon are emerging. With a great revenge and a huge success for Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo!


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