Pokemon Black White 2 Made by Finneon Lumine it is completely useless


Finneon and Lumineon are practically useless in Pokémon Black and White 2 and are incredibly forgettable Pokemon. As the most common type in this series, this pure water evolution line has many competitors. Of all the options for team members, Finneon and Lumineon will be at the very bottom due to their poor distribution of characteristics and mediocre pool of movements. Black and White 2 have complicated the use of these Fish Pokemon, limiting their availability to defeating the elite four.

The original Pokémon Black and White was hated by many fans after their first release. In these games, a completely new Pokédex was introduced, in which fan favorites such as Charizard were not taken into account until the final stage. Similarly, some Unovan Pokemon designs have been marked as lazy, most notably the Vanilluxe evolution line. Generation 5 took some risks in its game design and included perhaps one of the best stories in the series. Black and White 2 is the first direct continuation of the main game – the continuation of this narrative. These new versions have added more features and also added old Pokemon to Unova Pokédex.

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Finneon and Lumineon were not introduced in the 5th generation, so it is clear that they were absent from the base game Black and White. The sequel didn’t have that excuse, and instead it was impossible to catch them before defeating the elite four in Pokémon Black and White 2. As noted by Reddit user Aggli, trainers are likely to have Level 60+ Pokemon at this stage. game. Finneon is caught at level 40, and it takes a lot of effort to use a team member below par. Lumineon, the evolution of Finneon, has a base sum of 460 with a poor distribution of characteristics. These two may not be the best choice of Pokemon, but it would be great to catch them earlier in the game. Love for Finneon and Lumineon can be seen in the comments to Agli’s post.

Why Catching Finneon and Lumineon in Pokémon Gen 5 is Bad

Despite their mediocre characteristics, these two Pokemon have a beautiful design, as they are modeled after real freshwater butterfly fish. Players can catch a pair only after the elite four, because Finneon and Lumineon are a meeting on a fishing trip in Black and White 2. Unlike previous games, coaches get one fishing rod instead of three, this is a super fishing rod. After the game, players must talk to Cedric in the Pokemon lab of the city of Nuvema. Both Finneon and Lumineon can be found while fishing on routes 4, 17, 18, the P2 laboratory, the city of Virbank and the Virbank complex.

These Pokemon butterfly fish are eclipsed by a huge number of aquatic types represented in each generation. While Finneon and Lumineon have a great design, they are held back by a small pool of movement. It is quite possible to complete the game without even encountering these monsters. This has improved a bit in later generations, but Pokémon Black and White 2 fans might be better off using other team members.


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