Pokémon: Bandai launches Gengar bed trainer no defect


Following the Pokémon Metapod sleeping bag line, Bandai recently announced in Japan that Gengar will be the next Pokédex to receive a curious item: a bed / mat.

Although the merchandise may initially look like ordinary plush, the Gengar tongue is 170cm long and can be rolled up to serve as a mat. There are several options that range from bending the tongue to make a pillow or even using it to curl up. You can also sleep with your head inside the Pokémon’s mouth, if you prefer.

The bed in the shape of Gengar is 48 cm high and 53 cm wide – apart from the 173 cm tongue. This is slightly smaller than its “real” size on the Pokédex, as the charismatic ghost-type Pokémon is approximately 1.5m tall.

Pre-orders opened exclusively at the Japanese store P-Bandai on January 8 for 25,960 yen, something around R $ 1,350. However, the product sold out quickly in just 1 hour and 14 minutes. It is not yet known whether there will be a second wave of orders or availability for deliveries outside Japan.


Probably Licktung would fit better in this proposal of the language to serve as a mattress, but it is still possible to unconditionally love this product with the face of Gengar – which is a favorite of fans.

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