Pokemon Anime reveals the grid of the semi-finals of the Masters Tournament


The World Coronation series in the Pokemon anime has become a showcase for some of the strongest rivals Ash and his friends have ever faced throughout the series. In combination with the theme of the newest series dedicated to the re-introduction of Ash to former partners and opponents, in the final act of a large-scale tournament, the champions of each region fought each other. There were many high-profile battles in the quarterfinal round, such as Sinnoh champion Cynthia and Iris from Unova. Now the dust has settled in the eighth round, and the anime has officially shown the two upcoming semifinal matches.

The most recent arch of the Pokemon anime includes a season in which Ash reunited with many of his past comrades and opponents. Travel partners such as Lily, Serena and Dawn have frequently appeared in over 100 episodes since Ash and Go began their journey around the world. The ongoing arc of the World Coronation Series even had cameos from smaller characters, such as Ash’s opponent from the Kanto Richie League. Now that the grand tournament has reached the final four, Ash must face a familiar opponent in the semifinals.

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In the recently aired 118th episode of Pokemon Journeys, two semi-final matches were officially presented, which are to take place in the Masters Tournament. After defeating Stephen Stone from Hoenn, Ash will fight the legendary champion Sinno Cynthia in his own match. In the other match of the fourth round, champion Galara Leon will fight champion Kalos Diantha, who has just defeated the only quarterfinalist of the tournament, who is not a champion, Alain and champion Johto Lance, respectively.

In the World Coronation Pokemon Journeys series, there were many powerful battles with Pokemon throughout the release of the newest anime series. The tournament played a crucial role in the development of the newest season from the first episodes. Now that the Masters Tournament is nearing its final arc, many fans have already started predicting who will become the champion. In the semifinal match, Ash, Pikachu and his team must overthrow Cynthia and her intimidating Garchompa if he wants to win the tournament.

Masters Tournament is the culmination of the Pokemon season, which has broken many traditions of the series over a nearly three-year period in Japan. Journeys was the first anime from the main Pokemon series in which the traditional region-oriented franchise structure was replaced by a world travel story in which Ash visits several locations around the Pokemon world. With the return of some of the strongest Pokemon trainers, the Masters Tournament finals will be something that Pokemon anime fans won’t want to miss.


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