Pokemon Anime Reveals Official Statistics for Cash, Cynthia and Others


Despite the fact that he turned 10 years old in the twenty-five years that he traveled in the Pokemon anime, Ash has a lot of battles and captures behind him. The Pokemon trainer has been trying to be the best since his first step out of Pallet Town in 1997, and this journey continues to this day.

In the Pokemon anime, Ash’s journey to the Pokemon Masters tournament in the Galar region was recently shown, which gave him another opportunity to get the title of the best. While fans are waiting to see how Ash’s battle with Cynthia will end, a new diagram demonstrates the capabilities of Ash and others in battle.

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The diagram originated in an advertisement for the Pokemon anime with combat statistics of Ash, Cynthia, Leon and Dayanta. Each character’s skills and battle group are divided into Attack, Defense, Speed, Strategy, Experience and Unpredictability. Ash has an interesting match-up with the others, because although he lacks defense, strategy and experience, he makes up for it with speed, unpredictability and attack.

Official PWC statistics of Ash, Cynthia, Leon and Diantha from the Pokemon commercial

All the other characters seem to have more skills overall than Ash, as they are better balanced. Cynthia, for example, is quite weak in Unpredictability and Speed, but is significantly more adept at these characteristics than Ash is in Experience or Strategy. Leon is extremely experienced and well balanced, his only real weaknesses are Unpredictability, Strategy and Experience, but even these skills are almost exhausted. Finally, Diantha mainly focuses on Defense and Strategy, with minor flaws in other characteristics.

If only these statistics are taken into account, it would be interesting to see if Ash can beat any of these coaches with his significant shortcomings. However, fans of the Pokemon anime know that Ash has a way to survive tournaments and battles, apparently based solely on intelligence and his connection with his Pokemon. Some also question the reliability of the statistics, pointing to the statistics of Ash’s experience. This is surprisingly small considering how many fights Ash has had and how many tournaments he has participated in over the years. Some fans wondered what other coaches had gone through to get so far ahead of him in Experience.

The strange way time works in Pokemon anime probably plays a role in Ash’s low experience. Despite the fact that he has gone through all these events, canonically he is still 10 years old, which makes him younger than many of his competitors. In any case, levels play less of a role in anime than in games, and Ash’s best fighting skills have never been based on a standard strategy. While this sometimes backfires and leads to humiliation, such as when Charizard won’t fight for Ash, it has also led to a lot of success. Fans will have to see if Ash’s luck will continue in his upcoming fights.


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