Pokemon: An adorable video shows how a poodle turns into a real arcanin


Visitors to the park experienced a special pleasure when one owner of a poodle, using animal-safe dyes, turned his happy puppy into an Arcanin Pokemon. Since Pokemon are one of the most popular objects in the world, fans around the world are finding new and fun ways to express their love for pocket monsters. At the time of writing this article, there are more than 900 types of Pokemon, and this number should increase when the ninth generation of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet appears at the end of this year.

Scarlet and Violet were announced shortly after the release of the latest Pokémon Legends: Arceus franchise game for the Nintendo Switch. A new generation of Pokemon, new lands to explore and legendary Pokemon to ride will help players travel through the vast open world of the new game inspired by Europe. Scarlet and Violet will surely attract new and old players when it is released on November 18, 2022. However, one devoted fan made extra efforts to help bring the Pokemon dog beloved by fans into the real world.

A poodle named Edea made many new friends in the park among dogs and people due to the fact that his owner creatively took care of himself to match the Pokemon Arcanin. The short video below, posted on MindLuigi’s Twitter, highlights the benefits of creative grooming and how it does not negatively affect the dog’s socialization. You can see how a happy puppy plays with other dogs and gets a series of pats that look very effective for creating happiness and smiles. Animal-safe hair dyes were used to transform Edea into Arcanine.

This Arcana from real life can bring pokeballs

It would be terrible if Pokemon and their wide range of abilities existed in the real world. The owner of Edea, who had received proper training, would have helped prevent the use of a replica of the Arcanin in a Fire Explosion attack in the park. However, less attentive trainers would lead to a world filled with dangerous Pokemon and chaos. While science has not yet gone so far as to endow pets with elementary abilities, fans will have to be content with creative self-care and adorable stuffed Pokemon.

After seeing the closest thing to a live Arcanin, many fans may have a desire to stylize their pets so that they resemble their favorite Pokemon. However, reasonable pet owners should make sure they use animal-safe hair dyes. It would be better to find a professional groomer who will help them make their pets Pokemon transformation in the safest way. Some creatures from the games will cause more nightmares than smiles if seen in the real world. However, new and adorable Pokemon will be introduced when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are released on the Nintendo Switch this November.


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