Pokémon 25th Anniversary: Katy Perry Music Collaboration


The Pokémon Company will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon in style. He’ll collaborate with musicians like Katy Perry, hold events, and much more.

The Pokémon Company announces a content-packed 2021 to mark the brand’s 25th anniversary. Among the confirmed data, the musical collaboration with “some of the great names in music” has transcended, who have produced special songs for the celebration. The first name on the table is Katy Perry, who sports her Pokémon motif of hers in an image. In fact, more details of the collaboration will be published in the next issue of People magazine.

25th anniversary of Pokémon: celebration throughout 2021

In addition, each month they will visit one of the many regions that the Pokémon world has left us. Galar will be the place where the pilgrimage will begin, expected from March. Special cards will also be released as part of the Pokémon Training Card Game, a brand-new clothing line, and much more. The company explains that “this is just the beginning” of the celebration, loaded with “events, promotions and more throughout the year.”

At the top of this news you can see the trailer that commemorates the opening of the anniversary. The video shoots straight into the heart of the most nostalgic. Review all the memories that have been leaving us for more than a decade. Figures, cards, games, series … Nothing escapes the Pokémon fan.


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