Poisonous Poison Quotes for ‘Apple One’ from Spotify


Spotify criticized Apple’s new service “Apple One”, which was announced last night. Stating that the company should be taken under control urgently, Spotify emphasized that the authorities of competition authorities should act against Apple. The counter response from Apple was quick.

US-based technology giant Apple announced its new products and services at the “prosaic” event that it organized last night. What drew attention among the services announced by Apple was a new subscription service called “Apple One”. In its simplest terms, Apple One brings together services such as Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

It is not possible to know how popular the Apple One service will be. But this service pissed off Spotify, the world’s most popular online music platform. Spotify, which has already made a hard hits about “monopolization” for Apple, made poisonous statements after Apple One’s announcement. Apple did not ignore these statements, and did not hesitate to respond.

“We urge the authorities to act”

In the statements made by Spotify, it was emphasized that Apple is trying to attract consumers by using its location and services once again. Stating that if action is not taken against this, Spotify officials stated that the developer ecosystem could be seriously damaged, and that Apple should be checked urgently, and they called on competition authorities officials to act.

Statement from Apple: Our subscription package is a great solution for our customers
Speaking to Reuters’ Stephen Nellis, Apple officials said Apple One packages are a great solution for customers. Nevertheless, the officials stated that the users are free at this point and that the consumers can use alternative solutions. Underlining that Apple One has been developed to easily access all of the company’s services, Apple officials stated that this service will be especially useful for families. Also, according to Apple, users will encounter Apple One packages based on the Apple services they use.

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The discussions don’t seem to end

As we mentioned at the beginning of our report, Spotify makes very harsh statements towards Apple, especially regarding monopolization. For example, the company announced that it is supporting Epic Games in the Apple and Epic Games case, which still hasn’t reached a solution. Spotify also took its accusations against Apple to the authorities. In this context, the US Department of Justice and the European Commission initiated investigations against Apple. It seems that the conflict between Spotify and Apple is going to get stronger.


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